Be super noisy - Despite having private time with your partner, you're tent is not a magical cloak of invisibility. There will be thousands of festival-goers in attendance and several of them will be located near your area. No matter how great your hookup is, no one wants to hear it. Make sure to keep that in mind as you and your partner enjoy one another.

Overdrink - While drinking can be in abundance at a festival, one too many drinks can lead to mistakes and impaired judgement. The guy with the edgy haircut and killer outfit can suddenly become someone who you will regret the next day. Avoid a situation that you will later regret by having a pre-agreement with trusted friends to politely intervene and stop anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.

Be shy - This is your moment to create an experience that you will never forget. Don't worry about being perfect and things going exactly to plan; chances are your partner is not worried about that. Enjoy the moment and remember, chances of seeing your new found partner is slim to non, so don't worry about making the perfect impression. Let go, have fun and be merry!