December 20th X Marks the Spot

She lies on her side with her legs straight and one slightly raised, he lies on his side opposite and upside down from her, with his feet near her head and his head next to her feet. He now moves the upper part of his body through her legs so that he can hold on to her shoulders as he guides himself into her, and the lower half of his body remains near her head so that he can grip his ankles and thrust the night away together.

December 21st Mile High Club

He lifts her up facing him as she wraps her legs around his waist and grips with her thighs as he pins her against the wall and begins to thrust. This is an amazingly hot sex position, which after 20 days of advent, you should be warmed up enough for. 

December 22nd Late Spring Donkey

Named to reflect the mating behaviour of donkeys in the late spring, this position should be handled with care. She stands up and bends over keeping her legs as straight as possible and placing her hands flat on the floor for balance. He enters her from behind holding onto her waist for balance and gently penetrates her (this position can hurt unless he takes it slow).

December 23rd Sexy Stack

He kneels while she sits in his lap with your legs around him in and her knees on the floor. Find her rhythm and begin to rock. The friction will make her feel amazing.

December 24th The Loaded Gun

He sits on the bed and leans back on his arms while she straddles him with her knees bent and feet touching the floor, leaning back on her arms. Her hands and feet will allow him to get in the driving seat and build up momentum by thrusting and leaning simultaneously. This is a powerful position that you will both love.

December 25th Love Locked

This is your perfect Christmas Day position - it is a lazy, romantic post lunch option to complete your sexy advent calendar adventure. Lie facing each other on your sides, wrap her legs around his hips as he enters her and starts to thrust. His body will provide her with plenty of breast and clitoral stimulation which she will also love, so it’s a winner all round.

Well done - you completed the challenge!

Trying new positions is a way of exploring each other’s bodies in new ways and discovering new turn-on’s you didn’t know existed. Don’t be afraid to use sex toys. If you haven’t before, you may find a cock ring or vibrator could change your sex life forever and be the best Christmas present you have ever received.