Use the condoms that are right for you both!

Many people have a favourite type of condom. For some, a feeling of safety may be paramount. For others, they may want something thinner to help feel closer to their partner. While others still may love the feeling of a ribbed or dotted condom for an extra sensation. We may all have our favourites, but it’s also great to experiment and try something new whilst also feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re protected from risk of pregnancy or infection.

Different condoms can completely transform your sexual experience: for intense sex, for creating additional sensations, for allowing you to feel comfortable and free, or all the way to providing new experiences to bring you closer together as a couple. And for you, maybe it will be all of the above!

Different condoms can completely transform your sexual experience

Remember, what might work for you, may not work between you and your partner. Condoms come in different shapes, thicknesses, widths, materials, textures and with different lubes. To guide you here are four moods that might take you – with the condoms to fit the situation.


Whether you feel like going all night- or for a shorter session using a whole night’s worth of energy - you might need the feeling of extra security. Durex Real Feel condoms are non-latex condoms which help promote that natural skin on skin feeling.


For a feeling of deep connection and real intense contact, a thinner condom can make all the difference. Durex produces Fetherlite Ultra-Thin Feel condoms, an extra thin condom with extra lubrication. These help you to feel every movement, every twitch and every sensation.


Ribbed condoms can add intensity for both parties as the dots and ribs stimulate areas in new and exciting ways. These dots and ribs can come in a number of different patterns; Durex produces the dotted and ribbed Pleasure Me condoms which is for dual pleasure.


All condoms come lubricated, which is essential in preventing rips and breaks in the condom, but it also helps the two of you move together. The Climax Stimulating condom has ribs and dots on the outside to speed her up, and a mint flavoured lubricant gel for added stimulation.