It's a common stage where most relationships go through a level of uncertainty. Whether you started a new relationship or you're an established pair, here are 10 sure tell-tale signs that your relationship is the real deal.

1. You are able to disagree respectfully

Disagreements are normal in any relationship; however, it's how you resolve them that matter the most. The right relationship isn't perfect but maintains a high level of respect when disagreements occur. So if you and your partner get into an argument; instead of point scoring or name-calling, strive to understand one another and if you are truly in the wrong, apologise. This not only reflects to your partner that you care about them but you are willing to look at the bigger picture, which is having a lasting and healthy relationship.

2. You attend family functions

Spending one to one time with your partner is a great way of learning more about one another. However, being invited to a family event is a great sign that he sees the relationship progressing to more than just dating. Use the opportunity to get to know your partner better and impress his family and friends with your wit, personality and confidence.

3. You connect intimately

Connecting with your partner sexually is an important part of a healthy and strong relationship; however, it's only one part. Creating an intimate bond can be a great way to build a stronger friendship and familiarity in your relationship. Whether it's a romantic stroll around the park or a night of laughs watching your favourite comedic film; doing these activity with your partner is a great way of creating a lasting memory and an experience that the two of you can share. For those special intimate moments, try incorporating a lube and heighten your time together. 

4. You mesh worlds

In addition to time that is spent apart, sharing your interests and hobbies with your partner is a great way to reconnect while introducing them to a part of your world. With parts of you dedicated to your relationship, goals and interests; incorporating all these facets not only strengthens the relationship but creates a stronger and more intimate understanding between you and your partner.

5. You share the little and big moments

Whether it's finally getting those concert tickets that you always wanted or landing the big promotion at work, the first person you want to call is your partner. In those moments that you get little or big news, sharing those moments with your partner is a great way to show you're level of commitment to one another.

6. You say the 'l' word

If you and your partner have uttered those words to one another, that is a huge indicator that the relationship is getting serious. Whether it's uttered after a few months or after 5 dates, saying I love you shows that you two view the relationship as a partnership.

7. They are a priority

Life can be pretty busy and finding time to spend with your partner can be quite a challenge. From a busy work week to spending time with friends, it can be easy to put off time from your partner. Despite how extremely busy your life might be at the moment, taking time to spend with your partner is a sure sign that you value your time together.

8. You plan for the future

In the right relationship, sharing a vision of where your relationship is going is a sure sign that you're partner sees you in their life. Whether it's a holiday trip in a few months or a family wedding a year away, including you in future plans is great way of gauging your level of commitment.

In the right relationship, sharing a vision of where your relationship is going is a sure sign that you're partner sees you in their life.

9. You move in together

After many sleepovers, you notice that you are leaving more things at your partner's place. From a toothbrush to several pieces of clothes, you realise that you are spending more time at theirs than yours. Moving in together is a positive sign that your relationship is getting serious and that you two are dedicated to one another.

10. You don't stress about your looks in the morning

After a wild night or a cosy date night in, you are no longer worried about how you look the morning after. Where you may normally wake up early to avoid your partner getting a whiff of the dreaded morning breath, your relationship has progressed to a level of comfort where you both don't mind. Allowing yourself a longer time to lay in bed, is a great way of helping you both feel relaxed and connected with one another.