Your guide to understanding the G-spot...

The G-spot is one of the media's favourite erogenous zones. Its existence has been questioned more times than the Lock Ness Monster and there seems very little consensus about the role and function of this elusive area. Some claim it's an extension of the clitoris. Others claim it's imaginary. However, while scientist's opinions do vary, one thing's for sure - every woman is different.

Some women have an area a few inches inside their vagina on the upper wall that swells when pressed and stroked, and can give intensely pleasurable sensations. Others find the same area simply gives them the urge to pee when stroked, and some women can't find it at all. Rubbing different parts inside the vagina can cause muscular contractions and some women report that they ejaculate when the area they describe as the G-spot is stimulated.

To find your G-spot, slide a finger inside the vagina then curl the tip as if crooking the finger and beckoning someone. Go slowly and pay attention to the way it feels under your finger: if you find the G-spot, it should swell. Continue to press lightly, using circling motions to explore and you'll soon discover whether you're aroused by G-spot stimulation or not. If it proves elusive, a sex toy - ideally with a curved tip - may make your mission easier.

However, while scientist's opinions do vary, one thing's for sure - every woman is different.

Should you discover it's a new erogenous zone, think about positions that can stimulate it. Doggy style (with the woman on her knees and man on all fours behind her) and raised missionary (with the woman's ankles clasped around the mans neck) are both great for hitting the G-spot, and make it easy for the woman to caress her clitoris too. Manual stimulation from behind can be really effective, as can toys with curved heads or strongly defined curves.

And if you can't find your G-spot? Don't worry about it. We're all different and what works for one person can be a huge turn off to another. Who knows, maybe you'll have an erogenous zone all of your own...

The Male G-Spot

Men also have the equivalent of a G-spot - known as the prostate gland. This is a few inches inside the anus on the upper wall. Not every man enjoys prostate stimulation but it's certainly worth considering regardless of your sexuality. Many men explore it during self-pleasure and it can also add pleasure to other sexual play, if taken in a slow and lubricated way.