It’s what you do beneath the sheets that counts...

Size can be a touchy subject for men. It’s easy to worry that your penis isn’t big enough to stimulate your partner in the way you’d like. Don’t let this hang-up mean shortfall on your sex life!

The way you connect and what you do in the bedroom is far more important than the size of your manhood and the two of you can have great sex irrespective of penis size.

Show your partner it’s not the size of the ship that matters by following these five simple tips:

1. Don’t forget foreplay

A woman’s most erogenous zone isn’t necessarily the one between her legs so spend some time exploring and find out which parts of her body are the most sensitive, focusing on areas such as the back of her neck, nipples and inner thigh. Enjoy foreplay together and introduce different textures, tastes and toys to really get things moving.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that great sex comes from confidence

2. Tantalise with your tongue

Your penis isn’t the only part of you that can stimulate your partner. For better sex that lasts longer, spend more time on foreplay and giving your lover great oral sex. Women tend to need a little more time to get geared up for the main event and this is a great way to leave her wanting more…

3. Get to the G-Spot

A woman’s G-Spot is the secret to helping her achieve a great orgasm so take your time exploring her body to find it. Asking her to guide you to the sweet spot will strengthen your connection and enhance your sexual experience. Once there, slowly stimulate and vary the pressure, depth and speed of stimulation to give her maximum pleasure.

4. Welcome a helping hand

If you want to make sure that what you’re doing has the desired result then why not ask for a little help? Changing position so the woman is on top can offer deeper penetration but you can also experiment with introducing ribbed and dotted condoms which have strategically placed ridges to give her maximum stimulation right where she wants it, promising great sex whatever your size.

5. Be confident

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that great sex comes from confidence from confidence. The more confident and assertive you are in the bedroom the more your lover will respond to it and enjoy sex with you. Show your partner how much you love being intimate with her and you’ll reap the rewards of even better sex!

No matter what your size, being confident, listening to your partner and being clear about what you both like and don’t like are the easiest ways to guarantee that you are both left satisfied. Put your size worries to bed once and for all!