Feel the sensations developing as you and your partner become aroused.

The build-up, excitement and arousal are all parts of lovemaking that you savour and enjoy. Understanding the physical stages that you and your partner go through can help you take advantage of each sensation, and move from simple satisfaction to a more intense climax.

Arousal usually starts with kissing, touching, even the simple increase in tension when you're near your partner or thinking about them. Your pulse and breathing speed up and you may become flushed as blood flows all over your body. Using lube such as smooth and silky Durex Play Stimulating Massage 2 in 1 can help make the most of this early excitement. With its delicate fragrance and extract of the Guarana plant, from the Amazon basin, this massage gel aims to increase stimulation and excitement.

The build-up, excitement and arousal are all parts of lovemaking that you savour and enjoy

Responding to touch

In women, blood then rushes to the chest, increasing their sensitivity. It can be intensely pleasurable to stay at this stage for a while. With patience you can hold yourself here for a long time, focusing on how your body is responding to touch. At this stage a toy such as Durex Sensual Bliss can add to the experience. Its curving velvet design gently massages as it glides over the body.

As the first waves hit, your heartbeat and breathing rate increase as blood is pumped to those parts of your body that are tingling with pleasure. Focus on what you and your partner feel and go with the sensations, which can be like rushing or rippling waves of feeling. After climax your body begins to relax and your heart rate and breathing settle down. You often feel amazing, so take advantage of the sensation and stay close to your partner