Role play is something that many couples enjoy - finding that it adds excitement and extra arousal to the bedroom.

Yet, while many of us are allured to the idea of playing sexy dress-up, it can be a subject that we find hard to broach with our partner for fear that they won't feel the same.

If you're nervous about getting started or telling your partner what you want then these sex tips could help.

Talk to them

You may find it a little embarrassing at first, but talking about your sexual fantasies is a great way to achieve better sex. Lovemaking is not only a physical act but also an emotional one. That means that sometimes describing certain acts vivdly can be just as arousing as actually performing them - if not more so.

Lovemaking is not only a physical act but also an emotional one.

Start an open and frank discussion with your lover and see what each other yearn for in the bedroom. Listen to your partners wishes and desires and decide whether this is something you'd be willing to try before doing the same for your own wants.

Remember that any new experiences you bring into the bedroom need to be mutually agreed upon and you should not pressurise or feel pressurised to engage in specific types of activity.

Have fun

Once you've discussed bringing role play into your love life it is time to get started. If you have first-time jitters then start small and remember that role play is all about having fun. Don't take it too seriously to begin with and focus on enjoying yourself and experimenting with different personas and outfits.

That said, you'll only get out of this experience what you put in so make sure you commit yourself to the role you're playing. It is OK to break character or have fun within this but if you don't put effort into the performance then you may find the whole experience a little lack lustre.

Get in the mood

Another great tip to bear in mind when experimenting with role play is that it doesn't just have to be used in the main event. If you want to get your partner in the mood then why not dress up and surprise them as part of your foreplay?

Waiting for them to come home from work dressed as a sexy secretary is sure to give them a pleasant surprise but you can also send hints of what your up to by sending a few seductive pictures on your phone. Take an image of the outfit laid out on the bed or of just part of it on you - your leg in suspenders perhaps - and help them get in the mood.

This is a great way to increase arousal and sexual desire and will make the concept of role playing a little less daunting when it actually comes down to business.