Mix food and sex for a sensual dessert…

Erotic, sensual and passionate; food is a great way to heighten sexual desire and enjoyment by stimulating the senses.

More than just acting as an aphrodisiac for your lovemaking, bringing food into the bedroom can be a great way to spice up your foreplayand explore each other’s bodies. Here’s how to get started:

1. Start small

Bringing food into the bedroom is a big step for some people so start small and keep the foods you use light and sweet. Savoury and spicy foods can burn the skin so indulge your sweet tooth with foods including chocolate, honey, fruit and cream.

A little definitely goes a long way here so enjoy a few tasty nibbles to get things started. You can even tempt and tease your partner as part of a sex game if you really want to watch your food intake!

2. Use it in the right places

While food foreplay is a great form of seduction you need to be careful of sensitive areas of the body. Food should never been used around the private parts, but there are plenty of other erogenous safe zones you can explore.

The sensitive areas of the neck, earlobes, nipples and lips are all good places to try but even something as simple as sucking cream off your partner’s finger can get them in the mood. Experiment with different ideas and discover what works best for you and which areas of the body you most like to be stimulated.

If you and your partner want to explore different sensations on the most intimate parts of your body, try placing an ice cube in your mouth and running it along these zones.

3. Explore your senses

Introducing food into your lovemaking is about more than just taste – for maximum pleasure, indulge all of your senses.

Blindfolding your partner is a great way to enhance their other senses and make every touch more powerful. Try tracing your partner’s body with edible snacks or gently placing different aphrodisiac foods in their mouth.

To excite the senses further, use contrasting hot and cold foods alternately and experiment with different textures. Durex’s flavoured lubes will add a silky touch and a deliciously sweet taste!

4. Be creative

There are no rules on how you should introduce food into the bedroom so be creative! Your mouth is a powerful tool – and not just for eating – so why not lick, suck and nibble at food placed on your partner’s body to increase arousal.

Increasing the pressure of your touch is another way to build passion and excitement and applies to touches made by both your hands and your mouth or tongue.

You can even extend your exploration of your partner’s body with your mouth to include oral sex where changes in pressure and the use of hot and cold will tantalise him.

There are no rules on how you should introduce food into the bedroom so be creative! Your mouth is a powerful tool...

5. Enjoy the cleaning up

Once you’ve let the snacks work their magic in the bedroom, you’ll be faced with the task of clearing up – but this doesn’t need to become just another chore!

Make the cleaning up process fun by accompanying your partner to the bathroom and helping them clean those hard-to-reach places before letting them work their way over to your body to do the same. Enjoying intimacy immediately after sex is a great way to strengthen your relationship and make you feel more comfortable and secure with one another.