Ease your way back into lovemaking with your partner

Giving birth is a wonderful experience and new mums will love getting to discover new experiences with their bundles of joy. However, just because you're a mother doesn't mean you have to put an end to your sex life.

You still have the same needs as before - especially in the bedroom - but it can be an anxious time to resume an intimate relationship after at least a couple of weeks or months out of action.

Once you've been given the medical all-clear by your midwife there are no excuses though and our tips to help you enjoy great sex after giving birth will help you relax into this exciting part of being in a relationship.

Take it slow

The most important thing to remember is to take things at your own pace and never rush your body into doing something before it's ready. You'll know what feels right and your partner should be supportive as you take time to rekindle your romance. Experiment with sensual massage as a form of foreplay to get you both nice and aroused and remind each other that there is more to love-making than just the physical act of sex. Sensual massage oils can help you get in the mood and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The most important thing to remember is to take things at your own pace and never rush your body into doing something before it's ready.

Change position

Depending on the type of birth you had and how long ago it was, you may find that the usual positions aren't as comfortable anymore. To avoid disappointment, change your sex position and opt for those which boast shallow penetration for extra comfort.

Experiment with toys

If you're anxious about having sex after giving birth then why not ease yourself into it by experimenting with toys? Vibrators are a great way to achieve stimulation while controlling the depth of penetration and can help you get used to the motions of sex again before committing to the full act. You can use them alone to take care of your needs away from your partner or introduce them to your lovemaking sessions as an added way for your partner to tick all your boxes.

Prioritise comfort

To ensure that your sex is as comfortable as possible you should also consider using lube. This will prevent any potential discomfort and ensure that everything runs smoothly. After all, nerves can cause changes to your body and that means you might produce less natural lubricant or be a little tighter or more sensitive than usual.

Applying lube to compensate for this will ensure both you and your partner enjoy great sex together.

Stay safe

Finally, it is important to remember that you are extra fertile after first giving birth so taking necessary precautions is a must. Not all new mums like to return to the pill but even if you do it is still advisable to wear condoms to prevent any mishaps. You can even get extra safe varieties if you want to be super cautious.

You can also use condoms to spice up your lovemaking and ease yourself back into a physical relationship with your partner. Opt for textured condoms to enhance your arousal or use condoms with extra lube to increase your comfort. You can also use flavoured condoms to make oral sex more enjoyable - a great tip if you want to get intimate with your partner but don't feel quite ready to go all the way.