Seduce your partner with your lips!

As your relationship progresses, it’s natural to settle into a kissing routine you know works for you and your partner, such as caring but quick pecks before you rush out the door or a loving kiss before you turn in for your beauty sleep. Though you are growing closer and more comfortable with your partner, don’t let those early, butterflies-in-your-stomach, kissing days go to the wayside. Switch up your kissing game with these four tips.

Take it out of the bedroom

In a survey, one-quarter of the readers reported that they save most of their kissing for the bedroom. Since kissing is an essential part of an intimate relationship, this certainly doesn't have to be the only time that you kiss. Introduce a smooch session when your partner isn't expecting it, such as during TV commercial breaks or when you’re waiting at red traffic lights. If you are a little more adventurous, add in some PDA (public displays of affection). Try a peck at the grocery store, a lingering kiss before a movie starts, or a romantic forehead kiss before dinner out.

Change positions

One of the easiest ways to change your kissing routine requires only a subtle change in your body position. If you regularly kiss in an "A" or triangle shape (bent at the waist with your heads together), simply shift your hips forward and pull his into yours to close the small gap between your bodies. Or, come up from behind and initiate a kiss by wrapping your arms around your partner and gently pressing your lips to his back, shoulder, and neck.

Increase the anticipation

Once you've been with your partner for a while, you start to accept kissing as a natural extension of your relationship. Teasing takes that assumption and playfully turns it on its head. Try leaning in and making eye contact like you're going to kiss, but don't actually press your lips together. If your partner tries to link up, pull away or tell them "not yet." When you think they can't take any more, give in, and plant a deep, passionate kiss on them.

The extra moments will give him something to think about all day

Vary your kissing style

Add a few new moves added to your usual kissing repertoire. Try varying the speed and intensity, or run your hands gently through his hair while you give him a kiss. Another idea: simply linger during those simple morning pecks. The extra moments will give him something to think about all day — and something you can resume at night time.