Chocolate’s unique combination of taste and attraction makes it alluring to both men and women. Not only does the effects of chocolate impact our mood, energy and sexual function in remarkable ways, but it can positively impact our health.

For a sinful treat you can't resist, here are five reasons why you should indulge in chocolate this winter:

Stimulates and elevates mood

Eating chocolate is a sensory experience, much like sex. Women who reportedly ate chocolate had better sexual arousal and more sexual satisfaction. Better known as the 'romance chemical', dark chocolate is found to contain a compound called PEA, the acronym for phenylethlamine.

As a mood elevator and stimulant, PEA can induce sensations of joy and pleasure.

Benefits for your heart

There’s a profound connection between a healthy heart and a healthy sex life. L- Arginine found in dark cocoa beans can lower blood pressure and also aid the body’s cells to resist damage caused by free radicals. Not only is dark chocolate good for the heart, it contains ingredients that scientist think are responsible for the heart-healthy attributes of red wine.

Increases blood flow to sexual organs

Chocolate contains an amino acid that is an effective natural sex-enhancer for both you and your partner. It works by promoting blood flow to your reproductive organs which increases the level of sensation you and your partner receive.

Create intimacy

Chocolate packs an aphrodisiac punch that causes one to feel a higher level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. Add a delicious twist to your night with a sensual massage sensation with edible chocolate flavoured body oil. The feel-good endorphins released through touch paired with the smell and taste of chocolate will take you and your partner to the next level.

Chocolate packs an aphrodisiac punch that causes one to feel a higher level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction.

Further intensify things by challenging your partner to a chocolate strip tease. Engaging in a sensual form of foreplay with chocolate not only helps increase intimacy with your partner but makes it more fun.

Ignite your tastebuds

Chocolate works chemically to usher in feelings of excitement, joy and contentment. Try slowly feeding chocolate to your partner as a great way to increase intimacy between you two. Use a mixture of textures, tastes and temperatures to keep your partner guessing; the anticipation and mystery will intensify the seductive experience that you both have.

To further enhance your time in the bedroom, create a sexy guide that tells your partner where and when you want to be touched. Use melted squares of high quality dark chocolate and fulfill your deepest desires by mixing with Durex’s Strawberry flavoured lube for an even sweeter experience with your partner.

Like all things delicious, moderation is key. Just remember, too much chocolate can cause weight gain. If you’re going to indulge in chocolate regularly, dark chocolate is best.