Enhance your sexual experience with a drop or two of lube...

Pleasure gels and lubricants can improve sex in a number of ways. They reduce friction, making everything a little more… slippery, and a lot more fun. Coupled with the added sensations some pleasure gels can bring (Warming, Cooling, or Tingling) lubrication can really ramp up the excitement at play time. Take a look at our guide to lube and pleasure gels below.

Lubrication is an important part of sexual contact. It helps to enhance pleasure but also helps to protect delicate body parts

The overview

Lubrication is an important part of sexual contact. It helps to enhance pleasure but also helps to protect delicate body parts. The vagina produces its own lubrication when aroused but sometimes additional lubrication is necessary. Pleasure gels can be used for anal sex too, but sex is about far more than penetration, and pleasure gels do far more than just facilitate – they can add a completely new sensation that can completely change the way you’ll think about sex.

Exploring new approaches to each other, such as touching your partner with lubricated fingers, can create new and intense sensations, completely changing the way you think about sex, taking it to whole new level.

The full range

When you come to buying pleasure gels, you may be surprised by the variety available. There are so many different kinds that you might feel overwhelmed at the choice.

Lubes come in three forms, water based, oil based and silicone. Water based are the most common, and both these and silicone lube can be used with condoms safely. Oil based is more slippery but cannot be used with condoms. You can personalize your experience further by choosing pleasure gels that warm, cool, or even have different tastes. They all bring some extra spice to the bedroom, so have fun experimenting to find out what works for you.

The bedroom benefit

Trying something new like lube and pleasure gels may be daunting but if you slow down and have fun with it, we think you'll find that they can help you find new and exciting ways to pleasure each other, in ways that you might not have expected - you’ll discover that these added sensations are something that can enhance the mood, and increase intimacy.

We’ve listed some of the amazing features of pleasure gels below to get you thinking about how they could help you:

  1. More comfortable: during longer sessions, you or your partner may begin to feel a little uncomfortable. Lubrication helps to bring the moisture back, so apply it when things start to feel a little sensitive and you can get right back to where you were.
  2. More intense: since pleasure gels can add the intense sensations of hot or cold, there are lots of options for how you can introduce these into your sex life. You’ll feel things you’ve never felt before, and discover a whole other level of pleasure together.
  3. Reduce Friction: With the friction reduced, the feeling of sex can completely change. Both of you could try moving at different speeds, from slow, intense pressure, to faster and more rampant sex.
  4. New Tastes: Using your mouth to give pleasure to someone isn't to everyone's taste, but flavoured gels can help.
  5. Relax Into It: Gels are great for long luxurious massages. Taking time to give each other sensual massages can help you reconnect and relax, or can help you to get in the mood for something else.