Finding different ways to reach the ultimate climax does not have to be complicated. A little lube not only makes sex more enjoyable, but can lead you on the road to the long-lasting orgasm you've always craved. Whether you are using a lube out of necessity or through preference, discover the best lubricants for an extended orgasm.

Build anticipation

When it comes to sexual pleasure, teasing your partner can help strengthen the quality of your lovemaking. Whether it is a gentle massage with a lightly scented flavour lube or something a bit more naughty, there are various options to to help you reach an explosive orgasm.

Explore each other

In an ideal world, you or your partner would have enough natural lubricant for the moment of intercourse; unfortunately, that may not be the case. Adding lube doesn't just prevent sex from hurting, it also helps you both maintain the steady rhythm most women need to orgasm.

To reach an intense orgasm, have your partner place a pea-size drop of lube on his fingers before rubbing it in the clitoris. As things progress, put a small amount of Durexl lube on the condom to help heighten sensitivity and achieve a more intense orgasm between you and your partner.

Reduce friction

Dryness can not only make sex feel less great, but psychologically, it can have a negative and traumatising effect on your partner's libido. Durex lube helps your partner forget their fears and allows you both to enjoy the comforts of each other while focusing on creating a mind-blowing orgasmic experience.

Arouse the senses

Create new sensations that will surely leave you both breathless by stimulating neglected erogenous zones. Enjoy the tingling sensation of Durex lube behind the ears, neck and intimate areas to further heighten sensitivity. Every touch and thrust will feel smoother and more pleasurable, making your love-making experience much better.

Create new sensations that will surely leave you both breathless by stimulating neglected erogenous zones.

Want to warm up things in the bedroom? Warming lube can boost arousal and increase blood flow to your clitoris; perfect for an intense orgasm on these cold wintry nights. Whichever your pick, be sure to keep it nearby so you don't have to stop and hunt for it.

Last longer

Delayed gratification can be hard to master, but when it comes to sex, it's well worth it. Try Durex, for a naturally smooth experience as you bring yourself to the edge. Once there, slow down, pause and start back up again for the ultimate sensation.