Rub your lover up the right way and you'll both feel the benefit!

Everyday life impacts us in so many ways our worries can become part of our daily routine, as we forget that sometimes we just need to relax.

Spending time with your partner in an arousing and prolonged way is a great way to let day-to-day annoyances melt away; if you’ve had a challenging week, set aside an hour with your partner for a sensual massage or two!

Prepare well

The first place to start before giving a great massage is investing in a good quality massage gel, such as Durex’s Play Soothing Massage 2 in 1. Blended with Aloe Vera, this gel can soothe skin and enhance your sexual experience. For an amorous experience, you could choose Durex’s Massage 2 in 1 Play Sensual intimate lubricant, which contains the delicate fragrance of Ylang Ylang. Select the gel that suits you the best.

Next, transform your bedroom into a romantic space, focusing on all of the senses. Play soothing and sensual music and dim the lights or cover any lamps with sheer coloured fabric. Light plenty of scented candles to fill the air with arousing aromas. Use different textured throws, blankets and cushions to comfort the skin – from plush faux fur to cool and silky satin. Ensuring all the senses are stimulated, you and your partner can really intensify the sensuality and massaging experience.

Pleasure is about to be shared between you and your loved one – and you don’t know exactly where the massage will take you

Sensual massage

You’ve set the scene and now you can begin. Pleasure is about to be shared between you and your loved one – and you don’t know exactly where the massage will take you. Massaging is ideal for improving the bond between you and your partner, and you’ll get to experience deeper levels of pleasure the more you do it. The excitement is heightened as you explore each other slowly, strengthening the bond between the two of you.

Start the massage with no preconceptions and try to clear your mind as you relax your partner; giving a massage can be as relaxing as receiving one. Being intimate with your partner can trigger positive, arousing and happy thoughts for you.

All-over body massage

Pay attention to all of the body – don’t forget the scalp, the ears, the fingers, the calves, the buttocks and the toes. Focusing on areas that are usually neglected will make your partner feel important, like every inch of them is important to you. To make the massage more scintillating, caress intimate areas rather than just touching them. Use your palms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, breasts, chest, lips and tongue.

Intense massage

Your massage could take the form of gentle touching, or an intense massage – find out which works best for your partner. A mixture of the two is a great place to start. The aim is to ease out the tension that’s held in the body.

If the experience does develop into more of an erotic massage, move onto a gel that is compatible with condoms. That way, if the mood takes you, the next stage will be seamless.

Massage each other to experience the pleasure and repeat what you liked best to prolong the moment.