On 15th August, National Relaxation Day will give us all an excuse to sit back and chill out. But that doesn't mean that we can't still find time to get intimate in the bedroom.

There are plenty of sex positions which are less strenuous and energy-intensive to give you the perfect way to relax in the bedroom. Great sex isn't always about high energy - sometimes taking a lazier approach can work wonders too.

Great sex isn't always about high energy - sometimes taking a lazier approach can work wonders too.

  1. Curled spoon

    For a romantic and intimate position that requires little effort, get the woman to lie on her side with her knees bent in towards her body. By penetrating from behind, the man can enjoy gentle lovemaking that doesn't require lots of energy but still offers great arousal.
  2. Legs bent

    Similar to missionary position, get the lady to lie on her back with her legs bent and feet pressed together. With the man lying on top of her, she can wrap her feet around his back and use them to gently guide him inside her to enjoy decent penetration with minimal thrusting.
  3. Lying on top

    If you want to make love in a way that promises great penetration and intimacy but minimal effort then try this classic. The woman lies on her front and lets her partner lie on top of her, penetrating from behind. Not only does this offer good depth of penetration but it also requires minimal thrusting which is perfect if you're both tired.
  4. Lap special

    For a position where the woman is in control, get the man to sit in a chair or rest on a sofa. The woman then climbs on top of his lap and rotates her hips slowly, gyrating and easing herself onto her lover. This is a great way to slowly build arousal through foreplay and still promises a great climax at the end.
  5. Bath-time fun

    For something fun as well as arousing, get your partner to join you in the bathroom. Run a hot bath with plenty of bubbles, and a few candles for romance, and spent a lot of time on mutual foreplay that gets you both in the mood.

    When you're ready to bring your lovemaking to its climax, lift your legs up and rest them on the edges of the bath and allow him to climb on top and penetrate. As you're still in the tub, movement will be limited so it's ideal if you're low on energy.

Lazy sex doesn't mean boring sex

All of the above sex positions are designed to help you and your partner achieve a satisfying orgasm with minimal effort but lazy sex doesn't have to mean boring sex. Enjoying low energy sex positions isn't an excuse to forgo foreplay so make sure that both you and your partner give each other the attention they deserve.

Use massage products to get each other in the mood and increase intimacy. You can also consider using sex toys as an alternative to penetrative sex if one of you has more energy than the other.

Lube can be used to ease penetrative sex or the use of toys to make it more comfortable - ensuring those lazy days are spent in the best way possible.