Forget the chocolate calendar, you need to be thinking more along the lines of chocolate body paint and flavoured lube. Yes, why don’t you give your partner a real treat and complete the sex position advent calendar challenge together. Trying new positions can bring sparkle and fun into the bedroom, which is exactly what sex should be about. You don’t have to be ridiculously flexible or overly kinky either, these are positions for everyone. Complete the 25-day challenge and have a smile on your face each day of December!

December 1st the reacharound

An easy position - and with a hint of spice in the form of a vibrator. Start in the spooning position - he is the big spoon and she is the little spoon. He will enter her from behind and reaching around to stroke her clitoris with the vibrator. She will feel extremely taken care of, especially if she doesn’t usually use a vibrator during sex.

December 2nd face to face

Face to Face is a perfect position for intimate gradual sex. To begin, she will sit opposite each of his legs and slide onto his lap and join her legs behind his while he puts his feet together behind her, so she can balance in the ready made cradle formed by his legs. This is a great one if she is working towards an orgasm, as it can be quite a slow burner to start with, allowing her to build up together.

December 3rd the speed bump

This is a perfect position for fast passionate sex. She lies on her front as he places a cushion under her stomach and pelvic area.Spread her legs a little, and then enter her from behind.

December 4th the squat

He lies on his back and she squats on top facing him, raising herself up and down, using either the floor, his hands or chest to lean on, giving both the most amazing sensation.

December 5th melody maker

A comfy chair is perfect for this position. It is a little tricky but totally worth it for the mind-blowing orgasm at the end of it. She sits on the chair and leans back so her head is tipping back, while he kneels down and enters her. The rush of blood to her head while he orgasm is incredible.

December 6th magic bullet

This position is great on its own, and the addition of a cock ring will really heat things up. He lies face up on the bed with her legs stretched straight up in the air. Get him to kneel on the bed and hold on to her legs as he thrusts. The cock ring will intermittently work on her clitoris with each thrust, leaving his hands free to roam.

December 7th reverse cowgirl

Think doggy style meets girl on top. He lies flat on his back with his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. She climbs on top but faces away, leaning forwards slightly and using her knees or thighs for balance; she slowly sits down on his penis and starts to rock and roll. This is a great one for hitting your G-spot, and as she is in charge, she can take control and take it as slow or as fast as she wants.

December 8th tight squeeze

Spontaneous spur-of the moment sex is what this position is all about, and it works best on a hard surface such as a table. She sits on the table and wraps her legs around his waist, squeezing him even closer to her. She can wrap her arms around his back for support. It’s a great one for small spaces and a quick fix.

December 9th the crouching tiger

She stands at the edge of the bed and bends over with her hands on the mattress, while he enters her from behind. Either he or she could both use sex toys in this position with him slipping on a cock ring before he starts, and she can reach for her stroker vibrator to stimulate her clitoris.

December 10th slow burn

He kneels on one knee and she kneels opposite him, grabbing a thigh and opposite buttock before starting to thrust. Maybe try putting something soft underneath to prevent any real potential carpet burns.

December 11th the wraparound

To begin, he sits on the bed, with his legs outstretched. Then she climbs on top of him, and wraps her legs around him while he pulls her closer. Then she moves up and down and takes total control. This is a great position for deep penetration and intimacy.

December 12th on the stairs

She sits on the stairs with him facing her a few steps further down so he is at perfect level to enter her. She lifts one leg up and rests it against his body leaving both him and her with something to push against (her the stairs and him her leg) for greater thrusting and penetration.

December 13th the busy box

He lies on his back while she straddles him, facing-forward and ride. He can play with her boobs and caress her body or use a vibrator on her clitoris, which is sure to help her work even harder.

December 14th suspended congress

He leans with his back to the wall, she puts her arms around his neck and lets him lift her, holding her by her thighs, or locking his hands under her buttocks while she grips him with her legs and pushes her feet against the wall. This is traditional hot elevator-type sex.

December 15th the ascending position

He lies flat on his back while she sits on top and crosses her legs, he inserts his penis and do what feels good.

December 16th the high dive

She gets on top and starts to have sex, when she is ready, let her slowly ease her legs out straight behind you, hooking her toes on top of his feet, ensuring that his penis doesn’t slip out. Interlock her fingers with his so he can then support her while he brings her hands to his elbows. Lift her chest and stomach up and off of him and move up and down at a speed that suits her- this is a great one for controlling her orgasm. Keep her legs tense and engaged to help give her an even greater intensity of orgasm.

Lift your chest and stomach up and off of him and move up and down at a speed that suits you - this is a great one for controlling your orgasm.

December 17th doggy style

This position is a classic. She is on all fours supporting herself with her elbows while he enters her from behind. His hands are free to caress her back, buttocks, breasts and clitoris. He will love having a good view of her rear and also the complete control he can take.

December 18th frog fashion

To begin, she lies on her back, bends her knees and brings her ankles into her buttocks with her feet apart, raising her shoulders slightly off the floor to hold on to her knees. He sits opposite her with his legs either side of her body, as he gently helps to push her legs back as he penetrates you.

December 19th thigh to thigh

He kneels down while she lies on her back in front of him with her legs either side of him and her thighs on top of his thighs. He uses one hand to hold the lips of her vagina, and uses an intimate massager to stimulate the area around her clitoris as he penetrates you.

December 20th X Marks the Spot

She lies on her side with her legs straight and one slightly raised, he lies on his side opposite and upside down from her, with his feet near her head and his head next to her feet. He now moves the upper part of his body through her legs so that he can hold on to her shoulders as he guides himself into her, and the lower half of his body remains near her head so that he can grip his ankles and thrust the night away together.

December 21st mile high club

He lifts her up facing him as she wraps her legs around his waist and grips with her thighs as he pins her against the wall and begins to thrust. This is an amazingly hot sex position, which after 20 days of advent, you should be warmed up enough for.

December 22nd late spring donkey

Named to reflect the mating behaviour of donkeys in the late spring, this position should be handled with care. She stands up and bends over keeping her legs as straight as possible and placing her hands flat on the floor for balance. He enters her from behind holding onto her waist for balance and gently penetrates her (this position can hurt unless he takes it slow).

December 23rd sexy stack

He kneels while she sits in his lap with your legs around him in and her knees on the floor. Find her rhythm and begin to rock. The friction will make her feel amazing.

December 24th the loaded gun

He sits on the bed and leans back on his arms while she straddles him with her knees bent and feet touching the floor, leaning back on her arms. Her hands and feet will allow him to get in the driving seat and build up momentum by thrusting and leaning simultaneously. This is a powerful position that you will both love.

December 25th love locked

This is your perfect Christmas Day position - it is a lazy, romantic post lunch option to complete your sexy advent calendar adventure. Lie facing each other on your sides, wrap her legs around his hips as he enters her and starts to thrust. His body will provide her with plenty of breast and clitoral stimulation which she will also love, so it’s a winner all round.

Well done - you completed the challenge!

Trying new positions is a way of exploring each other’s bodies in new ways and discovering new turn-on’s you didn’t know existed. Don’t be afraid to use sex toys. If you haven’t before, you may find a cock ring or vibrator could change your sex life forever and be the best Christmas present you have ever received.