Valentine's Day is soon approaching and while chocolate, flowers and an expensive dinner are a great way to express your love; spice things up with a romantic and erotic night to help celebrate that special person in your life. So skip the flowers and cuddle up close with these 5 hot sex positions guaranteed to get your night going.

Grizzly bear style

While not the most comfortable position, this is a great position to achieve a lot of friction and deep penetration. To begin, have your partner lie back on the bed, with her bottom pushed to the edge of the bed as you stand facing her. Lift her legs towards you, having them crossed at the ankles. As you enter her, use her thighs as support for a truly intense penetration. Since most women need clitoral stimulation in this position to orgasm, it is the perfect time to use Durex vibrators. Either you or your partner can hold it against your clitoris for direct stimulation for the ultimate pleasure.

The loaded gun

Give your partner a special night she won't forget. Doggy-style is normally done with the both of you kneeling down, but it doesn't have to be. Begin with her on all fours, as you stand up and lean over her. As you both simultaneously move together, lean forward to build up up a sexy momentum. To further increase dual stimulation for an even more pleasurable experience, try a cock ring, like Durex Play Vibrations and take your lovemaking to the next level. 

Give your partner a special night she won't forget.

Crouching reverse cowgirl

A twist on the classic reverse cowgirl, begin by lying flat on your back as she climbs on top, facing away from you. As you two begin to move up and down, she should lean forward towards your feet with her arms extended in front of her for support. By planting her arms onto the bed or gripping your shins, she can really get a lot of leverage to move herself back and forth. Perfect for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration, try using Durex Ultimate Pleasure vibrator for the ultimate orgasm.


Time to turn up the heat with your partner. Begin by lying down on a bed facing towards your partner. Push your legs between theirs and wrap your legs around their hips as you enter her. Not only is this great for deep penetration but offers great clitoral stimulation. For an even more intense feeling with your partner, try Durex Climax Stimulating gel to create the ultimate tingling sensation.

Tingly touches

Looking for something outside of the norm? This position allows for both deep penetration and clitoral stimulation, making it a big win-win for you both. To begin, have her lie on her back as you kneel between her legs. Let her place one leg around your shoulders as the other wraps around your thighs. To make it even more pleasurable, add Durex Play Pure Fantasy for an incredible stimulation she will enjoy.