Not every orgasm is the same. Many have heard of clitoral and vaginal orgasms; however, most aren't aware of cervical orgasms, what they are and how to achieve them. Whether you experience one from your partner or your favourite vibrator, here is everything you need to know to get you going.


What is it?

A cervical orgasm – often known as a full-body orgasm - is an increased stimulated sensation primarily focused on the full body, rather than the clitoris. The body experiences waves of pleasurable tingling and vibrations, only when properly stimulated, relaxed and full of desire.


Where's your cervix?

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina.


How does it vary from other orgasms?

There are four distinct ways to achieve an orgasm (clitoral, vaginal, blended or multiple). A clitoral orgasm is often known as the external sweet spot. Vaginal orgasms are reached through vaginal penetration entirely without clitoral stimulation.

A combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm is what's known as a blended orgasm. It can be one of the most powerful orgasms to experience. For those who are lucky to experience it; multiple orgasms happen one right after the next, not at different times in one session. Compared to a G-spot orgasm, cervical orgasms are more expansive.


One of the most powerful orgasms to experience, it can be twice as strong and intense as either orgasm is by itself.

How can I achieve it?

A cervical orgasm is only achievable through vaginal penetration. Often women shy away from deep penetration as it may be painful at first. Once you are fully relaxed to the sensation in your cervical area, you can experience the most powerful orgasm that exists. For a comfortable and pleasurable experience, add Durex Play lube.


What sex positions should I try?

Positions such as man-behind (doggy) and woman on top (cowgirl), which allow deep penetration with a penis or vibrator are best. If those positions don't suit you, deep thrusts that are angled toward the back end side of your vagina may create the intensity and intimacy that you crave.


What are the benefits?

Those who have managed to incorporate cervical play into their sex life, may feel that stimulating the cervix can cause intense feelings of intimacy and emotion with your partner.