Be sexy in public

Whether its stroking his leg with your foot underneath the restaurant table, showing him a flash of flesh as you lean over to reach for your handbag or whispering huskily in his ear as you ride the underground together, sending him triggers of physical temptation in a public place can be a huge turn on. Make the most of your sexiest and most flirtatious tricks whilst you are out and about and reap the benefits later. Chances are that on the bus/train/car ride home, he will already be mentally undressing you and you're sure to be in for a big treat when you finally get home!


Talk dirty to him

If there is one sure way to get your partner going, it's with some naughty words aimed in his direction. Sex talk doesn't need to be filthy, in fact sometimes less is more when it comes to turning him on the most. A simple whisper of 'I really need you right now' in his ear will probably be enough to send his blood pumping in the downward direction. Or if you are out on a date, tell him 'I really can't wait to get home with you tonight' so that he knows that some saucy, after-date activity is definitely on the cards!