4. Protection is still essential

Despite many myths, the fact is that you can still get pregnant whilst on your period. The probabilities are lower than other times; however, they are still there. Sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days inside the woman and therefore if she ovulates an egg can still be fertilised. If you want to be protected then always use protection even during your period. Both partners are also at risk of transmitting and receiving STIs, including HIV and hepatitis. Therefore, no matter what time of the month it is, condoms are a protective way to help prevent the spreading of these infections during sex.


5. Keeping it tidy

One of the biggest things that puts couples off period sex is the thought of the potential mess that could entail. Therefore, it is helpful to prepare in advance to minimise accidents. No one wants stains on their white cotton bed sheets, so lay down some dark towels on top of the sheets if you plan to have sex on the bed. Also avoid having sex on the floor if you don't want stains spilling onto your light coloured carpets. Another good option is to have sex in the shower, which is not only the cleanest option, but can also offer an exciting change of scenery and give a chance to get hot and steamy in a different environment.