4. There is mutual trust

Trust is a quality that is built up over time, and which is essential for a healthy and stable partnership and friendship. If you find yourself constantly checking your partners' phone for evidence, or feel anxious when they are on a night out with friends, then chances are this isn't a relationship that is built on trust. Similarly, if you are committed to your partner but feel like they are permanently trying to catch you out or suggest that you are not being faithful to them, then it is time to re-think whether this is something that you can cope with long term.


5. You want to spend all your time with them

During the honeymoon stages of a relationship, most couples find themselves spending a lot of time in each other's company. When you meet your soul mate, this shouldn't really ever change. Even doing nothing feels good when you're with your partner and you are happy to just chill and spend time in each other's company, whilst doing very little. Although it is healthy to have time apart from one another to spend with family and friends, the sign of a real soul mate is when you feel a twinge in your heart every time they are not there.


6. They accept you (bad habits and all!)

Soul mates not only love hanging out together often, but they also have a deep respect for each other too. Because of this respect, they are happy to acknowledge the whole of their partner and not just all the good parts; meaning that they are more forgiving when it comes to accepting their flaws too. Mr/Mrs Right won't expect you to change nor would they want you to be someone that you are not. However, they will support your decisions and ideas, no matter how outlandish they might be.


7. You just know!

Whether you believe in love at first sight, or think that it takes time to truly fall in love with someone, it is likely that when you meet 'the one' you will just know that it is right. It's true that all relationships do take work and a degree of flexibility; however, being in love or feeling love towards your partner should come naturally and shouldn't be a chore. Don't put too much pressure on yourself or your new relationship deciding whether it will result in marriage, just try and go with the flow and soon you will know whether it's for keeps!