Create your own cinema at home

Going to the movies can be really fun and is a perfect traditional date where you can be in close proximity to your date allowing for lots of hand holding and knee-touching action. If you are looking for a more intimate and infinitely cheaper option, why not arrange a movie night in your own home and invite your date over. Give your date a few movie choices to choose from in advance, which are available for you to download and they will appreciate how considerate you are by letting them choose their favourite from the selection.

Make sure you have tidied up the house before your date arrives in order to create a relaxing atmosphere and light some candles in the room to add an air of romance. Impress your date with some home-made popcorn or ice-cream and dim the lights before you start the film. As the film progresses, take every opportunity to get closer to your date. If the date is going particularly well then chances are you won't even make it to watching more than the first 30 minutes of the film!