Long term shouldn't mean monotonous; spice it up with these hot tips!

The excitement of getting to know a new partner is always coupled with the instant physical attraction that you have for each other. However, once you've become familiar and comfortable in your relationship, it's only natural for things to cool down. When that initial spark has gone it's easy for your sex life to follow suit.


By using a little imagination, and perhaps a few ribbed condoms, keeping things fresh in the bedroom shouldn't be difficult for the both of you. Here are some key bits of relationship advice to keep the flames of desire burning brightly.


Choose a date night

To keep things fresh and exciting, take it in turns to pick one night a week to be just for the two of you – a date night. Choose a night that fits into both of your schedules and stick to it, no matter what else is happening in your lives.


Having a date night will make sure that you prioritise spending time together and enjoying your sex life. It doesn't have to involve going out to an expensive restaurant or even leaving the house…


Why not plan a night in, share a bottle of wine and experiment with a new sex toy? It’s a fun and easy way to put the spark back into a relationship! If you’re new to the idea of bringing toys into the bedroom, rather than playing you could take a look at the selection of vibrators available and open up about which ones you’d like to explore together.


Being more in tune with each other on the everyday things will mean you’re more likely to feel comfortable opening up on more risqué topics

Listen up

Good communication is essential for any healthy relationship. When you first meet someone, there's lots of conversation covering anything and everything from family and friends to shared interests and fantasies.


It's only natural that over time in a relationship, you pay less attention to the day to day conversation. Be interested in what your partner has to say and spend time catching up each evening! Being more in tune with each other on the everyday things will mean you’re more likely to feel comfortable opening up on more risqué topics such as your sexual desires…


Spend time apart

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is a good rule to bear in mind; especially if you live together. Spending all day, every day together, whether with mutual friends or alone, will greatly increase your chances of growing too comfortable.


Sometimes making just a small change in your life can make a huge difference, so shake things up and take some time for yourself or plan a weekend away with your own friends. You'll have plenty more to talk about when you are together, and a little distance may reignite that initial spark of passion when you reunite!


Make every day romantic

Most people expect a romantic gesture on Valentine's Day, on their birthday and on anniversaries. However, making small tokens of your affection throughout the year will keep the element of surprise in your relationship and keeps things fresh and exciting for both of you.


Whether it's a love letter in the post or cooking them their favourite meal, it's the thought that counts. Making your lover feel important and wanted is a sure fire way to reap the rewards later on!


Hit refresh on your sex life

Over time, our sexual tastes and fantasies change and you need to let your partner know this in order to remain sexually satisfied.


Telling your partner that you'd like to try something new doesn't have to be done in a pushy way. There are so many products available that can revive the way the two of you play together; flavoured lube or even a cock ring can bring a new element of fun and adventure to the bedroom.


Being open and honest, in an environment you’re both comfortable in, about what you like is the best way to enjoy great sex and a loving, long term relationship.