You can also turn sexual communication into a fun foreplay game. Take it in turns to play 'scholar' and 'learner' and give your lover a practical demonstration of where and how you like to be touched. Let your lover practice, steering their way, and once they've pleasured you in the way that you most enjoy, reward your lover by swapping roles and paying attention to their lesson. There's no reason you can't make a sexy lesson a weekly part of your life - or indeed, every night if you're suitably inspired.


Don't think all communication has to involve talking either. You could write your lover an erotic story detailing exactly what you'd like to do (don't go too wild if it's the first time you're sharing fantasies - gauge your lover's reaction first). You could send your partner a sexy text, asking a saucy question to garner a response. You could slip an old-fashioned love letter into your partner's pocket or try cybersex together.


Even if you're simply in two rooms of the same house, the distance created can help make it easier to open up: and who knows, you could make your fantasies realities if you communicate effectively enough.


Remember, sexual communication goes both ways. You need to listen to your partner as much as you teach, and share your own preferences as openly as you expect your partner to share theirs. Be honest about your needs and desires and you're much more likely to get the sex, and relationship that you really want.