Take the Reins

Telling your partner what you like in the bedroom is not only a great way of building up your confidence, but it allows your partner to understand what pleases you. Sex is a two-way street and the two of you should be able to engage in activities that allow you to appreciate different parts of one another’s bodies.


Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is a great way of keeping things sexy and new for you both. To make your domination even more intense, use a cock ring during intercourse. Not only does it feel great for him, it will ensure his erection lasts longer, providing you the ultimate stimulation.


Give and Take

In your most intimate moment together, it’s important to make your partner feel secure and happy. Showing verbal expression of love is one way of showing affection such as giving backrubs and making dinner. Make it a point to change your sex routine with different sex positions. Every sex position is different and can allow the both of you to enjoy each other simultaneously.


The cowgirl position also known as girl on top, is great for giving the women complete control over the pace, angle, depth and level of stimulation. Not only does it provide stimulation to your G-spot but your partner also has the pleasure of seeing you and assisting you if needed by guiding your hips.


So in showing gratitude towards your partner this Thanksgiving, make sure to show some gestures of appreciation in and out of the bedroom every day.