Erotic fiction is a great choice and sex toys will make her pulse race but make sure she understands it isn’t just because you want to heat things up in the bedroom. You need to approach your lady with a little more subtlety; she’d love to know you want her to feel turned on and sexy for herself. There is nothing more erotic and it will undoubtedly lead to some steamy fun over the festive season.


Whatever else you’re buying for the special female in your life, why not include a piece of lingerie to shows her how beautiful you think she is. After all, wrapping up a pair of sultry stockings, a lacy corset or a garter belt says that you want to see her all dressed up – or should we say dressed down?!


How To Turn Him On

Men need to feel desired as much as women do and giving your guy the green light in the form of an erotic gift will give him heaps of confidence to express the naughtier sides of his nature.


Statistics say that ladies love to buy cheeky, sexy, festive presents that show their partner how much they turn them on. Think about what he most enjoys in the bedroom. An erotic massage? Role play? Oral sex? You can pick up many sex products to help make these encounters even more pleasurable.


Why not buy him massage oil for couples or wrap up something that brings to mind his favourite sex games(we’ll leave the exact idea to you!). You could even write him a cheeky homemade ‘gift card’ for oral sex and include a flavoured condom in the envelope to get his imagination running wild.


You know your partner better than we do, so have a little think about what he likes. It’s exciting and fun to come up with gift ideas to delight him and ensure a sexy holiday season without getting smutty. A little imagination goes a long way.


For Him and Her

British Christmastime is rich in rituals and customs that can be given a sexy or fun twist. Why not play with the tradition of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ to spice up the holidays, for example, and give your lover a sexy little gift for each day perhaps?


How about writing a letter to Santa about a sexual fantasy you’d like to enact with your partner (with knowledge beforehand that they consent of course!) and asking them to check it before you ‘send’ it….


As for kissing under the mistletoe – We’re sure you could come up with a few variations if you put your mind to it!