Many counsellors recommend erotic materials to couples looking to balance libidos or spice up their relationships. However, it's worth discussing with your partner first: simply springing a smut-fest on a lover may not be well received. Talk about the sort of things that you both enjoy, or browse together online taking it in turns to type in search terms if you're too shy to talk about it out loud.

As with sharing any fantasies, it's best to start off with the milder end of your desires and only work your way up to your wilder preferences after gauging your lover's response.

Photos, videos, stories and audio are all available in abundance so you'll be spoilt for choice: the more precisely you define what you like, the better a match you'll find - and the more your lover will learn about your desires too.

Erotic material can be used as easy foreplay, inspiration for a steamy night in, a treat for a partner to enjoy while being orally pleasured, or entertainment for yourself while you put on a masturbation show for your lover. Open your mind, be prepared to explore and who knows what excitement you might find.