Start with a head massage, rubbing the temples and forehead before working your way slowly down the neck. Move in closely and let your partner feel your breath against their neck - you can even gently massage or nibble their earlobes for added arousal.


Apply a little oil here and work your fingers along their neck and collar bone in long, slow movements that build sexual desire. Tease them by lightly touching just above their chest before moving onto their arms. You'll come back to the chest later!


Once you've finished massaging the arms, it's time to move to the other end of the body. The feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body so take your time here and applying gentle but firm pressure while working your way up and down from heel to toe.


Move on from the feet by massage the legs. Work slowly and start at the ankles before moving up the calves, sliding your hand from the outside to the inside as you progress higher.


Once past the knee, gently run your hand up the inside of the thigh - partly your lovers legs slightly as you do. As you reach their groin, switch to the outside again and tease them by gentle caressing or catching their most intimate area every now and again.


By this point, you should both be feeling pretty aroused so it's up to you how much longer you prolong your pleasure. You can end it her by starting to rub your partner and engage in other acts of foreplay or you can continue the massage a little longer.


Returning to the chest for the sexiest massage of all or getting your partner to roll over and passing their buttocks are both sure-fire ways to leave your lover moaning in ecstasy. The choice is yours.