Stay protected and enjoy even better sex...

Practicing protected sex is an important part of any healthy relationship, but you don’t have to sacrifice fun beneath the sheets to achieve it.

With Durex's great range of condoms, you can guarantee better sex that is protected and enjoyable, no matter what your preferences.

Ribbed and dotted

Dotted and ribbed condoms use textured surfaces to help increase stimulation for women and are a great way to maximise pleasure and help her achieve climax.

Our main options in this range are:

When using these condoms, it’s important to remember that sensations will be enhanced so you might want to experiment with the speed of thrusts to enhance pleasure further and prevent a premature finish.


Textured condoms aren’t the only way to enjoy better sex, there are also plenty of options which use different lubricants or thicknesses to achieve different sensations.

Our sensation heightening styles are:

All of our condoms, no matter how thick or thin, are protective so you can enjoy great sex with added reassurance!

You might want to experiment with the speed of thrusts to enhance pleasure further


Finally, if you want to make sex better with condoms then why not try flavoured options, or adding a flavoured lubricant? These are designed for those who want to make oral sex more enjoyable and there are plenty of different tastes you can try.

Our fruity lube available is:

Using added lube with your choice of condom will add a further exciting element to your lovemaking experience for you both. Why not experiment until you find the combination you both love the most?

Of course, it is still vital that you know how to put a condom on correctly so remember to hold it by the tip and slide it down the shaft of your penis slowly to ensure ultimate safety. If your partner is going to put a condom on for you then make sure they know how to do it too.