Ever take a look at the massive selection of condoms for sale and think to yourself: “Which one is right for me?” You’re not alone. You want to know why getting the right fit is essential, how to measure for the right size and, most importantly, how the right condom can heighten the entire experience so you can kill it in the bedroom.

That’s why we created this ultimate condom guide. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, as well as offer some handy condom tips so you can focus on the most important part: the sex.

Let’s get it on​

First things first, it’s time to slip into something more comfortable. But just how do you put on a condom properly, so it does its job? The good news is it’s really easy.

  1. Open it up: Tear open the wrapper using the serrated edge. But watch out that fingernails and sharp objects don’t damage the actual condom!
  2. Pop it on: Make sure the roll is on the outside, then squeeze the teat (the top bit) and place the condom on the tip of your erect penis.
  3. Roll it down: Roll the condom right down to the base of your penis and make sure it’s the perfect fit. If it’s too big or too small, then it’s time for a different type of condom!
  4. Bin the rest: Chuck the wrapper in the bin – don’t flush it down the toilet.

Top tip: Practice makes perfect with how to put a condom on. Get creative with what you use to learn with if you’re not in the mood.

And a final word of warning: always prepare for a long night by being adequately equipped with multiple condoms. The old adage of ‘never say never’ couldn’t be further from the truth – never re-use a condom.

When it fits right, it feels right

Too few choices is always a bad thing, but it can be just as hard finding the right condom when you have so many options at your disposal. It’s important to get the right condom type and size for your body – after all, better fit = better feel.

When looking for the perfect condom fit, ask yourself:

  • What size? Your ideal condom should feel snug and comfortably fit over the length of your penis, with a little pocket at the tip. Make sure the condom isn’t too baggy or slips off. Also, you don’t want a condom that is so tight it ruins the mood. In our Fetherlite Ultra range, Durex Fetherlite Ultra Larger is wider* for a comfortable fit for men who need a larger size.*Vs. Durex Regular Condoms.
  • What thickness? The right condom thickness is crucial for both you and your partner’s pleasure. A thicker option can help you last longer, while a thinner choice like Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin provides the same level of protection while helping you feel closer to your partner during sex.
  • What type of lubricant? All Durex condoms are lubricated with a silicone-based lubricant. There are also a great range of lubricants that can help do the trick if you find you need additional lubrication – but make sure you use lubricant recommended for use with condoms. These lubricants can be glycerine, water or silicone based – your choice! In our Fetherlite Ultra range, we also have an extra lubricated condom that you could try. Fetherlite Ultra Extra Lube condoms are thin with extra lubrication for a smoother feeling.

Top tip: Refer to the condom spec chart below to find the perfect fit.

Every packet of Durex condoms now comes with a handy navigation toolbar on the side of the box that makes it so easy to find exactly what you need. Looking for a specific condom size, thickness or lube? Just take a look at the box and get to work!

How to measure up

Here’s a condom tip you should always remember: condom size is important. Not only for your own pleasure and to keep your partner happy, but also to keep all parties safe during sex. Think about it: a condom that’s too small can hamper your bedroom performance while one that’s too big can cause leakages and slips during sex.

It’s a fact of life that most guys focus solely on the length of the condom, but this isn’t really necessary for the vast majority of the population. It’s more important to look at width (girth). Width is an often-forgotten measurement, but it can be the difference between a perfect fit and a condom that’s too loose or too tight. Get it right so you can get it on.

Condom Name Condom Fit
Latex Condom? Flavoured Condom Condoms per pack
Fetherlite Ultra Extra Lube
Easy-On, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Large (Nominal
width 56mm)
Extra Silicone
Y N 10
Fetherlite Ultra Larger Straight Walled, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
XL (Nominal
width 57mm)
Extra Thin Silicone Lube Y N 10
Fetherlite Ultra Thin Straight Walled, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Large (Nominal
width 54mm)
Extra Thin Silicone Lube Y N 10
Regular Easy-On, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Large (Nominal
width 56mm)
Regular Silicone Lube Y N 10 or 30
Pleasure Me
Easy-On, Teat Ended Smooth Shape with
Ribs & Dots for Stimulation
Large (Nominal
width 56mm)
Regular Silicone Lube Y N 10 or 30
Fetherlite Straight Walled, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Regular (Nominal
width 52mm)
Extra Thin Silicone Lube Y N 10 or 30
Real Feel Easy-On, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Large (Nominal
width 56mm)
Thick Silicone Lube
N (Latex Free)
N 6
Fruity Fun Straight Walled, Teat Ended Smooth Shape
Large (Nominal
width 56mm)
Strawberry, Banana, Orange
& Apple Flavoured Silicone Lube
Y Y 10

Arouse your – and your partner’s – senses

Sure, your skills in the bedroom will definitely influence the arousal levels, but did you know that the right condom can also heighten the experience for you and your partner?

Your condom’s thickness can change everything during sex, and different options will appeal to different moods. Do you want:

  • Extra thin for closeness.
  • Non-latex for a natural skin-on-skin feeling.
  • A regular condom with regular thickness.

Also consider the feel (such as ribbed, dotted or studded for extra stimulation), the material (natural rubber latex or latex-free) or even flavoured, and what type of lube (maybe you want a massage-and-lube combosomething sweet and fruity or a lube derived from natural sources).

Kill it in bed, not in the moment

Ready for some hard-and-fast condom tips? Here’s our top 5 for making sure you kill it in the bedroom:

  1. Don’t stop: In the heat of the moment there’s nothing more mood-killing than having to stop right in the middle. Get to know the condoms you like so you can practice, practice, practice – and ensure it’s always a quick job to put on.
  2. Make it easy on yourself: Choose a condom brand that makes your life easier. With Durex condoms, the Durex logo on the foil shows you the bottom of the condom, which means no more putting it on the wrong way and wasting precious sexual energy.
  3. Get your partner involved: Ask your partner to slide the condom on for you to increase the intensity– hands or mouth both work just fine!
  4. No rushing: For a condom to do its job properly, it needs to be rolled all the way down your erect penis before penetration – take things slow and definitely don’t rush.
  5. Keep them handy: Want to fumble around in the dark while your partner twiddles their thumbs? Didn’t think so. Keep your condoms (that are within the expiry date and undamaged) close by so they’re always ready to go.

Make those intimate moments explode by getting to know the condom that’s right for your body, your needs and your partner. There’s a huge variety of Durex condomslubricants and gels available at your local supermarket, chemist and online, so use these condom tips to find your perfect match.