Let's face it, we all love Italy. From it's delicious food, to it's sexy accents, there is nothing really not to love. This September with the Italian Grand Prix closely followed by Milan Fashion Week, all eyes will be on the this fascinating and enigmatic country.

But with their reputation as hot lovers, as well as fast racers and hot designers, are Italians really the best at getting our motors running? Or do the British still hold their own?

Satisfaction in the bedroom

According to a quality of life survey published earlier this year, Brits are actually some of the most satisfied lovers in the whole of the European Union - beating the fiery Italians and even the romantic French.

Scoring 8.3 for satisfaction in personal relationship, British lovers were far ahead of the Italians who scored just 7.3 and even managed to beat France's score of 7.8

One of the only countries to beat England's high score was it's neighbour, Ireland who totted up a massive 8.6 for relationship satisfaction.

Longer-lasting pleasure

Of course, satisfaction with personal relationships doesn't necessarily translate to great sex and other research has shown Italians to come out on top when it comes to delivering in the bedroom.

While Scots have low expectations in the bedroom, expecting sex to last a disappointing two minutes or less, more than one third of Italians believe in longer-lasting pleasure with their sexual encounters taking at least 10 minutes on average.

A massive 64% of the Italian men and women questioned said they were happy with their sex life compared to 54% of Brits.

Take tips from the italians

If you think that your relationship could benefit from an injection of Italian fire then why not follow some of this romantic country's great attributes and spice up your sex life?

There is no reason why Brits can't be as good lovers as the Italians so try experimenting in the bedroom and see what can help you deliver some Italian passion and last longer in the bedroom.

Sex games are a great place to start and can involve anything from a little saucy role play to the use of toys such as vibrators and cock rings. Even changing the type of condoms you use and experimenting with flavoured or textured options can add a new dimension to your lovemaking and allow you to discover new sensations and experiences that you and your partner like.

Changing positions and having sex in new places can also keep the fires of passion burning so why not give your partner an impromptu sensual massage one evening after work or lead them into the bathroom for a sexy night-time shower?

Changing positions and having sex in new places can also keep the fires of passion burning

Having sex in different parts of the house rather than just in the bedroom can also add spontaneity to your relationship and make you both more satisfied...or take inspiration from the beautiful Italian countryside and get involved in a spot of au natural sex outdoors.

Finally, remember that great sex isn't just about the actual act itself - it also relies on good foreplay and build up. Show your partner how much you are attracted to them by spending time enjoying foreplay. Introducing different textures through toys and even bringing food into the equation can really heat things up. Enjoy a romantic Italian themed meal with Italian wine, seafood, artichokes, asparagus, and chocolate (all aphrodisiac foods) and see where the mood takes you.....