Tell her what she wants to hear…

Every couple deserves to have great sex– and that means finding ways to keep both parties happy. Of course, it’s not just what you do that matters; what you say to your lover to get them in the mood is equally important.

Whether you’re a strong and silent type or someone who lets every intimate moment ring out, here are five things you can say to your lady in bed to have her begging for more.

1. Yes!

A simple three letter word could hold the key to mutual pleasure with your woman. Letting your lover know that you’re enjoying what they’re doing and reciprocating their moans can be a real confidence booster and help your partner let go and really enjoy the moment. Give your woman this affirmation and enjoy the loud and proud sex you both deserve.

2. Oh, [insert name here]!

Calling out your lover’s name in bed is a great way to bring the focus of your lovemaking onto her. You’ll be making her feel special and wanted, highlighting how all your attention is focused on her, and that is a huge turn on.

For even more impact with this, try whispering her name instead of shouting it. Getting right up close to her face and brushing her skin with your lips while you do this is a great form of seduction and it increases intimacy between the two of you.

3. You feel amazing!

It may sound like an odd concept, but women love to be complimented on their prowess in the bedroom and describing her body and how it reacts to your touch can heighten her level of arousal – and yours!

Give your woman this affirmation and enjoy the loud and proud sex you both deserve

Talk to your woman during sexual intercourse and foreplay and tell her what she is doing that you enjoy and how it feels to you. Just as you might enjoy your partner telling you how hard and arousing your erection is, your woman will like to be told positive things about her body.

You can be as ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’ as you like with your language – whatever is most comfortable for you and your woman.

4. I need you!

A very important distinction here is between the use of the words ‘need’ and ‘want’. While it is important to let your woman know you want her and are attracted to her, you can really amp up this emotion by saying you ‘need’ her instead.

Telling a woman you need her gives the statement a sense of urgency and implies that you can’t cope without her. Telling her that you need her now will enhance this further and really help get things heated up.

5. I’m coming!

Telling your partner when you are about to orgasm shows how much you’re enjoying how she is pleasuring you. This will give her a confidence boost which is likely to have a positive effect on speeding up her own orgasm.

Be careful not to overdo it though; repeated references to orgasms may make your partner feel pressured to perform; especially if they sometimes struggle to achieve climax.

With these tips under your belt, you and your partner can enjoy great, vocal sex and show how much you really appreciate each other. Once you’ve tried these out, why not discuss what each other specifically likes to hear in the bedroom too. This is the best way to guarantee that you always say the right thing.