Share true intimacy with your partner by giving them intense, oral pleasure.

It might be an intense, intimate experience, but oral experiences are never just one way. Use your lips and hands to tantalise your partner and build the sensation. Feel them responding to your touches, and enjoy what you’re giving to them.

Use your lips and hands to tantalise your partner and build the sensation

Choosing the right place is important to set the mood. Many people like the sensations, but also enjoy the sight of their partner, so change positions to find the ultimate spot. They can be lying or sitting down, with you moving around. Take full control, or kneel down or lie with your head over the edge of the bed – tilting your head back and fully sharing. Use Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin Feel, thinner than our standard condoms that are designed to allow great sensations.

Quicken the pace

Alternate the speed, depth and motion. Your lover might enjoy it if you quicken the pace as the intensity reaches its height. Or you can change your movements, paying attention to the effect you're having. Enjoy and experience the motion of their hips, their breathing, and the sounds they’re making. Touch them all over; communicate and respond to their pleasure.

Envelop them with your warmth, and alternate different sensations. Use scented lube Durex Play Strawberry to enhance the experience with its delicious, sweetly exotic qualities.