With Spring just around the corner, refresh your sex life with these 10 exciting sex positions guaranteed to bring the spark back to your sex life

Tight squeeze

Send your partner over the edge with these killer moves. Lay down on the bed and prop two pillows underneath her hips as you penetrate her from above. Your circular motions will tantalise her vagina as your pubic bone lightly rubs against her clitoris. This slow-building position allows her to lie back and have you please her with long, sensual strokes.

Back bend

If you want Goosebumps, look no more! Have her lay on the bed with her legs over the edge with her bum towards the edge of the bed. Begin to kneel in front of her as you penetrate her. Have her push up on her toes and arch her back, while you grab onto her bum as you thrust into her. For further climax, stand on your toes and enjoy the ride!

The straddle

For a passion-fuelled night, sit on the floor with your arms stretched out behind you for support, with your legs crossed loosely Indian style. Have her climb onto your laps so that she's straddling them in a kneeling position; then have her hold onto your shoulders for support as she lower yourself onto you. Lean toward her and keep your bodies close together as you thrust slowly

Crouching dragon

Reach the ultimate climax together with this sensual position. Have her begin at the edge of the bed on all fours as you partner penetrate her from behind. With your hands on her hips, you are able to control the angle and pace of thrusting to give you both a thrilling sensation. For further pleasure, add Durex Play sensual massage lube and create a sensual experience for both of you.

Reach the ultimate climax together with this sensual position.

High dive

Get a bit creative with this thrilling position. Find a solid base to lie on and have your partner begin in the traditional cowgirl (woman on top) position as you place your hands on either side of the floor to balance you. Gradually have her ease her legs straight out over yours, hooking her toes on top of your feet to keep her legs straight and secured. With your hands on the floor to either side of your chest, have her put their hands under yours as you support both of your weight. Have her lift her chest and stomach up and off you as you both move up and down at a speed that suits you. For a stronger orgasm, make sure to keep your legs straight, thighs taut and toes pressed against each other's feet!

The organ grinder

To begin, have her lay back on the bed with her legs apart and raised in the air. Kneel in front of her and lean forward in between her legs as you penetrate her. Have her thrust back and forth as you keep her legs up in front of your arms. This position allows you to penetrate her deeply for an intense g-spot stimulation.

The rodeo

Widely known as the cowgirl position with a twist, this position will help bring out the cowboy in you. Begin by having her straddle you with her back facing you, as you lay flat on the bed. Let her move up and down in a slow, sensuous rhythm as you match her pace. Grab onto her arms and have her lean backwards as you increase the pace. The stimulation from this angle will hit her G-spot, leaving you both sensations for an even more pleasurable experience.

Reach for the heavens

Venture into a new world of pleasure and sensation. Have her lay on the bed as you get on top of her. Stretch your arms forward so your palms lay flat on the bed with several inches from her head and the headboard. Once you penetrate her, bring her legs together as close as possible. With your thighs pressed tightly together, you will rub your thighs against their inner thighs and labia with each thrust, sending an intense sensation to you both.

The floor show

Double your naughty delight with your partner. To begin, have her stand with her back towards you, as she bends over slowly to put her palms on the floor. If she's not flexible enough, simply have her bend her knees to adjust. Get behind her as you enter her from behind. Wrap one of your arms around her waist so neither of you loses balance. If you want, grab some pillows to place underneath her hands for extra support and comfort. Maximise sensitivity with your partner and double your pleasure with Durex's Climax Stimulating condoms.

Carpet burn

Get a bit spontaneous. Have your partner kneel down on all fours on the ground. Kneel in front of them, grabbing their thigh in one hand and their bum in another. Once you entered her, find a pace that works well for the both of you and enjoy the build-up.