By exploring texture and sensation, you can find whole new experiences...

Reconnect with your partner with touch, feel and sensation. Explore your nerve endings, and become closer than ever. Move your imagination with the lubricant designed for the two of you, light and smooth Durex Play range. 

Feathered friends

Touching can be ticklish, but sexy and fun too. Large and coloured feathers add more vibrancy, so ask your partner to tell you how they feel when they’re stroked. Explore neglected areas and find newly sensitive erotic zones.

Taking the temperature

Alternating hot and cold can enhance sensation by degrees. You could start by eating a teaspoonful of ice cream from the back of their neck, or the top of their thigh. Go slowly to enhance the journey from coolness to warmth.

Go slowly to enhance the journey from coolness to warmth.

Enhance the senses

Add an extra dimension to your intimate adventures by blindfolding. This increases the sensation of touch. Ensure they’re comfortable and, while their vision is obscured, massage using Durex Play Stimulating 2 in 1, with extract of the guarana plant, designed to bring added stimulation. Share what feels right from your touch, both explicitly and implicitly.

Mouth to mouth

Your lips and tongue have the power to make your partner feel good all over. Kiss from the ankles up and explore your partner with the touch of your mouth to stimulate all those nerves at once. Use soft, flexible Durex Sensual Bliss to bring extra stimulation as you glide it all over their body.