Experience and even more intense sensation!

Lubricant is one of the easiest ways to bring you closer to your partner in the bedroom and improve your sexual contact. But while you may believe that it simply makes your time spent between the sheets better, you might not know about its added physical and emotional benefits…

It makes foreplay fun

Lubricant can be incorporated into your foreplay routine in a number of ways. For example, you can use lubricant as massage oil or to heighten sensation as you and your partner explore one another. However you use it before sexual activity, lubricant will create an exciting sensory experience for both of you.

Lubricant lets you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time

It helps move you seamlessly into the main event

Sometimes, it takes your body a little while to catch up to your mind – that’s perfectly okay. Lubricant allows you to keep the action going as quickly as you desire without having to pump the brakes.

It heightens your sensations

By enhancing the sensations of sex, lubricant makes everything feel more fantastic. Whether your partner is particularly well-endowed, or on the smaller side, it helps create a more cohesive feel.

It allows you to keep going longer

Without lubricant, you may experience chafing or dryness, especially if it’s for a longer, more passionate session. Lubricant lets you keep the action going from start to finish no matter the time.

It moisturises the area

Due to its moisturising properties, lube also keeps skin from breaking or tearing.

Think of lubricants as tool to inspire more intimacy between you and your loved one and as a way to bring you closer!