Oral sex tends to rank highly when women are asked about the best ways to make them come. As such, honing your oral skills is likely to make for a happy lover.

Giving great oral every time...

Keeping everything well lubricated is essential. Have a glass of water next to the bed to rehydrate as you go, and invest in flavoured lube. Not only will it help your hands glide over her more easily as your tongue explores but it can also add an extra thrill if you opt for a fruity lube.

Oral transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) (including gonorrhea and syphilis) is on the increase so use dental dams (a latex square) for oral unless you've both been tested. 

Kiss your way down her torso or up her thighs, making her arch towards you. By building up anticipation, her eventual climax is likely to be so much hotter.

Start gently and work up the speed and intensity of suction and licking gradually. Every woman is different. Some like it fast, some slow, some are super-sensitive and others need a lot of stimulation to come. Ask your lover what she likes or, if you're too shy, follow her body language. If she pushes her hips towards you, chances are she likes what you're doing...

The more you investigate, the greater the chances you'll hit her hot spots. Some women find one side of their labia is more sensitive than the other so try both to see if she has a preference.

The more you investigate, the greater the chances you'll hit her hot spots.

If she's not particularly responsive to clitoral stimulation, press down lightly on her pubic bone to retract the clitoral hood (like a man's foreskin), this will expose the hyper-sensitive tip - but start very lightly as it can be painful if you're too enthusiastic.

Great oral is as much about the hands as the mouth. Slide a finger inside her to stimulate the G-spot as you lap. Part her with your fingers to open her up. Hold her clit as you lick it or let her guide your movements by placing her hand on top of yours.

Let her know how much you enjoy it too. Many women are insecure about oral and knowing you love the way she tastes is sure to make her feel more confident, which can only result in better sex for both of you.