If you, or your partner find it hard to orgasm from shallow penetration alone, then you might be looking for ways to maximise the depth of penetration you receive during sex to help bring you close to climax. 

One way to get close is to consider some sex positions for deep penetration. These 7 positions are designed for deep penetration and to take full advantage of your partner’s penis length and help maximise pleasure for you both.

  1. The Shoulder Lift
  2. Doggy Style
  3. Reverse Cowgirl
  4. The Lap Dance
  5. The Flatiron
  6. Spoon
  7. The Bridge

1. The shoulder lift

This is a modified version of the missionary position for deep penetration sex. The trick is to start in missionary, with your partner on top. However, once your partner is inside, raise your legs one at a time, so that they are resting on their shoulders.

This creates a new angle for them to penetrate, which should result in a deep sensation for you. It might be helpful to use some lubrication the first few times to help with the new angle – a pillow under your pelvis may also help with the angle.

2. Doggy style

A favourite for many, this position for deep penetration sex involves you getting on all fours, with your legs spread apart. Your partner then kneels close behind as they enter you, making sure to hold your waist to provide extra support for you both. Let their hands hold your hips for control or make them work even harder with some nipple stimulation at the same time.

3. Reverse cowgirl

A reversed version of The Cowgirl sees your partner lying flat with you on top of them. Instead of facing forward, you will be the other way round so that you are facing towards their feet. Try opening your legs wider for a deeper move. While it can be a workout for the thighs, try rocking off your partner’s body to keep the motion going all the way.

4. The lap dance

When you’re looking for sex positions for deep penetration, The Lap dance is best performed on a high-backed chair – either an office chair or kitchen chair would be perfect. Your partner should sit down with their legs slightly apart, whilst you straddle them, slowly lowering yourself down onto them. No chair handy? The edge of the bed can work well too for that deep fit.

If you’re flexible, you can opt for a modified version, which sees you raising your legs over your partner’s shoulders – allowing for a supercharged thrust and maximum vaginal or anal stimulation. However, this should only be performed if you feel your partner (and chair) is strong enough to support your full body weight.

5. The flatiron

This one may be more familiar than it sounds. The flatiron is basically doggy-style lying flat. The receiver lies on their tummy and raises their hips a little, ready for action. A pillow can be helpful for those longer sessions to help the hips hold up. The giver then mounts from behind, controlling the action at a deep angle. Want to ramp it up a little? Try this position with the receiver closing their legs a little more for deep penetration.

6. Spoon

This one isn’t just about post-coital time. Spooning is a sexual position for deep penetration too. Your partner can not only control the action from behind, but has access to stimulate your nipples and clitoris from the front as well. Try using a pillow beneath your bottom to elevate the angle enough for a close connection. It’s also a great position to explore with toys too.

7. The bridge

Not only is the bridge a great yoga position aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor, but it’s also a great deep penetration sex position. The trick is to start in missionary position with your legs wider than usual, once you’ve pushed up into the bridge position it should allow your partner to move into the space between your legs and enter you.

This position will help your partner thrust closer and deeper, bringing your two bodies together and working in a perfect orgasm-reaching rhythm.

These exciting deep sex positions may take a little while to master, but once you and your lover have mastered them, there'll be no stopping you. Couple them with plenty of Durex lubes, the right types of condoms and even a sex toy, you may be in for a night that's well worth staying in for.

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