We’ve all been there, it’s easy to get into a routine with sex where we find ourselves using the same positions and going through the motions. This can lead to the excitement around sex draining away. The first thing to do is talk with your partner. If you and your partner(s) are worried that sex has become a little mundane, it may be time to mix things up with a little variety. You may be surprised how a little tweak to the routine here and there could do wonders for those sparks in the bedroom. Here are some ideas to help spice things up in the bedroom with these exciting sex positions.

  1. The Wheelbarrow
  2. The Hot Half Handstand
  3. Carnal Craving
  4. Devilish Doggy
  5. Edge of Love
  6. Snow Angel
  7. Double Decker
  8. The Frog

1. The wheelbarrow

Ready to go (or take your partner) for a ride? Ask your partner start in the doggy position. As they kneel in front of you, enter them from behind. Once inside, grab onto their legs as you slowly lift to stand, supporting them on your slightly bent lap. This position is great for deep penetration and getting you even closer together.

2. The hot half headstand

The half headstand sex position is a little tricky but it’s a great way of working through the kinks together. This one is best performed in stages. Spice things up by having your partner slowly and seductively bend down in front of you. Begin by entering your partner from behind as they bend forward touching the floor. Have them grab onto your ankles as they raise their legs to your side.

3. Carnal craving

Begin by facing each other, then grab your partner’s waist and under their bum as you lift them towards you. Let them wrap their arms behind your neck and their legs around your waist for additional support as you lift them up and onto you. Spice things up in the bedroom a little more by dressing up (or down) a little for the occasion. Feed off the anticipation as you strip each others clothes off in the moment.

4. Devilish doggy

Perhaps you could consider tackling the challenge from behind to spice up your sex life. In this classic position, ask them to get down on all fours while you penetrate them from behind. Not only does rear entry create the perfect amount of friction for the both of you, it is ideal for those who want to feel a deeper more pleasurable sensation, especially when using condoms from our ribbed & dotted condom range. Looking to get started with some ribbed and dotted condoms? Why not try Durex Pleasure Me condoms.

5. Edge of love

Take control with this revamped version of the classic cowgirl or cowboy. Lay back over the edge of the bed while your partner straddles over you stretching their hands towards your feet. As you enjoy the sultry view, spice things up by adding a sex toy to your lovemaking for a memorable night you won’t forget.

6. Snow angel

This mash up is one way to spice up things in the bedroom. If you’re looking for a smooth transition outside of your comfort zone, then this position is perfect for you. While you’re on top, have your partner draw their thighs into your chest and place their legs over your shoulders.

This position allows you to bring your partner’s pelvis off the mattress. Play around with the tilt of their hips to penetrate them deeper.

7. Double decker

Who says you and your partner have to limit your sexual trysts to just the bed? What could be more thrilling than taking your adventures outside. Whether it’s the couch, or somewhere more risqué, this is sure to spice things up for the both of you. Lay on the couch as your partner sits down on top of you facing away. Once you’re inside them, have them lean back until their back is against your chest (they may need to bring their knees up to their chest also to ensure you remain inside them).

8. The frog

What better way to spice up sex than to try the Frog. Begin by sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet planted on the ground. Have them squat over you on the edge of the bed with their back to you like a frog. Grab their waist and help them move up and down, bracing themselves on your thighs as you penetrate them.

So, there are our favourite sultry, sex positions that are bound to add a little spice to your sex life by spicing up things in the bedroom.

What else can you do?

You don’t have to limit the exploration to positions alone. There are plenty of other ways to start heating things up in the bedroom – inside and out.

  • Get it on early in the day to avoid those late-night tiredness excuses
  • Tease away the day with texts and pics to heighten the excitement and anticipation of the playtime ahead
  • Watch and play by doing it in front of a mirror or indulge in a little pre-game porn together
  • Dress up for the occasion – take role playing to the next level by immersing yourselves in different characters

Got more questions about sex? Still figuring out how to spice up things in the bedroom? Head over to our Explore Sex blog where we discuss everything from how to give oral sex to lazy sex positions.

This article is for general information only and not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland.