As the Rugby World Cup comes to the UK, men across the country will be tuning into the action. This means that they will have their attention firmly fixed on England's huge hits and talked about tackles, rather than be thinking about using their own tackle in the bedroom!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

If your lover needs reminding that sex is the best sport there is, then here are five ways to help convince them that it's SO MUCH better than rugby.

1. More of the action

Rugby might be fast-paced and full of hands-on contact but your lover can only get involved himself if he is part of the team. Which, chances are, he's not. Remind him that any action that goes on in the bedroom is for him to join in with and he can even set some of his own rules in this sex game!

2. Choosing the position

Forget props, fly-halves and hookers, the only positions that matter are ones of a sexual nature. Remind your guy of all the great sex you can have by experimenting with different positions and try a few new ones to get those fires burning. Whether you thrust it out in your own type of scrum or go in for the full conversion, it's sure to get nice and hot and steamy. Use some performance enhancing lubricants to really get yourselves going.

3. Engage in play

There may be times in a rugby match when play is suspended or paused to hear referee decisions or attend to injuries. In the bedroom, why not engage in sex games including role play to ensure that there's always plenty of action happening. Whether you introduce a rugby theme to celebrate the World Cup is up to you - just make it fun and full of energy.

4. Always score

If your bloke is tired of his team failing to get a decent amount of points up on the board then why not help him score every time in the bedroom? Great sex relies on a number of different factors - from varying the pace and intensity to ensuring that there is always plenty of foreplay. Take your time to get your partner aroused and vocalise your enjoyment so he knows when he's onto a winner.

Take your time to get your partner aroused and vocalise your enjoyment so he knows when he's onto a winner.

5. Both sides win

Finally, great sex will mean a mutual climax for both parties involved meaning there are no winners or losers as with rugby. Your bloke will not only get what he wants but will be able to leave the bedroom knowing that he's delivered a top performance to keep his teammate happy too.

Whether you enjoy an orgasm at the same time or have to take it turns doesn't matter, the important thing is to know what works for you and your partner and to enjoy helping each other achieve total ecstasy at the end of your lovemaking.

Game on!