2016 is going to be the year for lovers! Not only is it a leap year, which in itself is supposed to bring us added luck in the romance department, but also astrologers throughout the world are currently releasing their insights and forecasts for the year, highlighting 2016 as a year of passion and long-lasting relationships.

To ensure that this year is high in the steamy-stakes for you, check out our top 5 bedroom resolutions, which we recommend you implement this January to start the year off as you mean to go on. Whether you are currently in a relationship or plan to start one this year...follow our simple steps to ensure that 2016 is filled with fun, frolics and most importantly...mind-blowing sex! From sleeping naked to investing in some sex toys, be sure to start your new year with a bang!

1. Ban social media from the bedroom

We're all guilty of checking out our friends' latest Facebook posts from bed or uploading new Instagram pics from the night before as soon as we wake up, but why not create a new rule for January 2016 and stick to it by banning social media from your bedroom completely. By implementing this simple change to your home life, you and your partner are guaranteed to make more time for talking to each other instead of glaring into your smartphone screens, and also surely this will lead to more time for other bedroom activities, which are way more exciting than any Twitter or Pinterest activity could be.

2. Move the tv back into the lounge

Although many of us enjoy watching films and box-sets from the comfort of our own duvets, having a TV located in your bedroom could have a significant impact on your life in more ways than you imagined. Not only could watching TV before bed be disrupting your sleep cycles, but it could also be contributing to un-settling dreams as well as having a negative effect on your relationship with your partner. As a couple, your most intimate conversations and moments should take place in bed, so why would you ruin this by having Coronation Street playing on in the background? Take the plunge and ditch the TV from your bedroom today, and even if you do it as a 31 day trial for January, we can almost guarantee that once you have realised the benefits, it certainly won't be welcomed back in your room for February.

3. Invest in your bed linen

Nothing feels more refreshing that getting into a bed with fresh bed linen on it. This is one of the main reasons why hotel beds have such a big allure and seem much more inviting and sexy than your own bed at home. So why not bring that hotel-feel into your own bedroom and invest in some new luxury bed linen. There are many different fabrics available from organic cotton and linen to satin, silk and even velvet. Why not experiment with different textures to create a variety of moods in your bedroom. Try fresh cotton during the week for a comfortable and cool night's sleep, and then spice things up at the weekend with a touch of satin or silk for an indulgent and sexy boost to awaken your sense of touch.

Why not experiment with different textures to create a variety of moods in your bedroom.

4. Sleep naked

Bed clothes are so 2015!

Not only is sleeping naked much more cost-effective than sleeping in pyjamas, but it also has now been proven to have health and relationship benefits too. According to the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute a faulty regulation of body temperature can be associated to certain types of insomnia. Therefore, by sleeping naked you can help to regulate your body temperature so that you don't overheat, meaning that you can hopefully enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable night's sleep.

As well as the above, sleeping naked can have significant benefits for intimacy between yourself and your partner. Naked skin-on-skin contact naturally releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as 'The love molecule', which is known to be highly critical in human bonding and is also linked to helping males to maintain their erections. It's no surprise that sleeping naked could have huge benefits for your sex life, so get together with your partner this New Year's day and have a pyjama amnesty in your home. Start the year off as you mean to go on....mostly naked.

5. Give sex toys a try

Nothing is bound to excite your lover more than a New Year's resolution involving sex toys! If you ask us, there is no better resolution than creating a better sex life for you and your partner, which is guaranteed to heighten the intimacy between you both, and also allow you to maintain a healthier and happier relationship.

Don't worry, we are not expecting you to suddenly stock up on leather whips, blindfolds and hand-cuffs a la 50 Shades of Grey, but instead we suggest experimenting with a few toys that you both feel comfortable with to enable you experience a new level in your sex life. Introducing a vibrator, for example, is a playful and fun way to introduce a sex toy into the bedroom, whilst also significantly increasing her chances of climaxing through clitoral stimulation. If it's dual satisfaction that you are trying to achieve, then cock rings could also be a great idea. Cock rings are designed to sit at the base of the penis where they brush time and time again against the woman's clitoris, providing enjoyment for her, but at the same time providing him with intense stimulation of the penis for heightened male orgasm intensity.

Happy New Year from the Durex team and good luck with your resolutions!