Choose from an exciting range of toys to match your lovemaking

Toys offer a different type of excitement and stimulation to that experienced through foreplay or intercourse. Introducing vibrations to the sensitive nerve endings allows couples to enter a new dimension of shared enjoyment.

So talk to each other honestly about which sex toys you both feel drawn to. Purchasing can be done discreetly online as well as on the high street, making it easier if you want to keep it confidential. Start with soft-touch Durex Sensual Bliss and move around the body. This massager is an ideal way to begin.

Don't forget that sex toys, in particular vibrators, won't have as much ‘give’ in them as your partner's body parts. If in doubt, choose a smaller vibrator for her over a larger one. Vibrating stimulation is very different to the manual sensations of your partner's hands or penis during foreplay and sex. Select toys such as the excitingly pulsing Durex Endless Touch that have a low vibrating setting option as part of your first foray into this new world.

Massaging and vibrating

You don't want to have to pass an exam to use your new sex toy, nor do you want to have to switch on floodlights in order to find the 'off' button afterwards. So choose sex toys that are easy to operate and simple to understand. Durex Play Ultra or Durex Play Vibrations pleasure rings are a simple option, massaging or vibrating to give quivering pleasure.

Remember to use good quality lubricant such as Durex Stimulating Massage 2 in 1, with extract of the Amazonian Guarana plant, to help build excitement. Above all, don't forget the most important fact of all. Sex toys are made to enhance, not replace. A romantic adventure awaits when you discover the thrills that they can bring to your lovemaking.