Deciding to introduce a sex toy into your relationship can bring added enjoyment as well as plenty of sensual and intimate sessions for you both. However, deciding the right sex toy may not be as easy as you think. So whether you want to start off small, or you fancy trying something a bit more daring; here is our ultimate guide on choosing the perfect sex toy as a couple.

For beginners

If you and your partner are totally new to sex toys, a small external sex toy, like a massager can be very useful in helping you figure out what kind of vibrator suits you best. Great for clitoral stimulation or an erotic massage, add one to your lovemaking session for an incredible sensation time and time again.

Feeling a bit more confident and want to venture onto something a bit more adventurous? Add a vibrating cock ring to your sessions for combined pleasure that you both can feel. Designed in a range of styles and colours, a cock ring helps restrict the blood flow out of the penis to keep it harder for a longer time. Not only does extend your love making session, the added clitoral stimulation your partner feels during intercourse offers an arousing sensation for the both of you.

For intermediates

So you're already knowledgeable about sex toys but looking to trying something with a bit of a flair? A vibrator is a great choice to start off your night. Whether you want one with various speed levels or looking for different sensual pulse patterns, this is the perfect sex toy to give you and your partner the perfect combination of adventurous foreplay.

So you're already knowledgeable about sex toys but looking to trying something with a bit of a flair?

Looking for something a bit bigger that still delivers maximum punch? A vibrator provides all the delights for you while adding some extra spice to your love-making session. To get your partner in on the fun, place the vibrator at the base of his penis to provide some intense sensation during foreplay and sex.

For experts

For the most experienced couples that has tried it all and still looking for more ways to explore your intimacy, add a rabbit vibrator to your lovemaking session. The vibration from the rabbit can lead to incredible clitoral stimulation for her during intercourse while offering an amazing feel for you. Not only can it be used on the vagina for masturbation and intercourse, it can be used anywhere on the body for arousing sensation and stimulation.

When the foreplay ends and the main event begins, use a combination of a cock ring and a vibrator to turn things up a notch. The pulsation of the ring will tantalise and satisfy both of you, while the sensation of the vibrator will increase sexual intimacy, delivering you both a new wave pleasure and sensations that is sure to spark excitement and fun into your sex life.