Temperatures have gone down and you may be tempted to hibernate until spring, but have no fear. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty activities to enjoy with your partner. Winter is full of opportunities to get close and share in the festivities.

This season make a resolution to get out and about. Whether you’d rather huddle indoors or brave the elements, here are 10 wintry date ideas to heat things up during the long cold months.

1. Ice skating

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, the ice rink is a great opportunity to keep close and show off your playful side. Grab your jacket, mitts and warm each other up on the ice.

2. Hit the lanes

It is cold outside but heat things up with a bit of competition at the bowling alley. Funny shoes, pitchers of beers and cheesy music, sounds like romance to us! Known for your winning strike? Great! A bit of competition and banter will bring a fresh energy to your date.

3. Cabin hideaway

Rather than escaping to somewhere warm, embrace the cold by taking a long drive and renting a log cabin. So leave your laptop at home, turn off your cell phone and turn up the heat with Durex Play Warming.

4. Movie marathon

Turn your couch into the ultimate movie theatre and escape for a night of romance! Load up on snacks, pick a movie and hit the lights.

5. Spice it up

It’s said the way to one’s heart is through the stomach, so what better way to connect than a couple’s cooking class? Wow each other with your new found skills, and bring some flavour to your night.

6. Hot tub paradise

What better way to keep warm than getting in one of these together! Bring the candles, get some wine, and transform your night into a steamy oasis.

7. Grab a drink

It doesn’t get more intimate than drinks by candlelight. Head to your favourite bistro or restaurant and create iconic moments of your own.

8. Belt it out

Mariah, Whitney, the Beatles? They all have talent, but they’re nothing compared to you! Whether you’re a vocal powerhouse, or can hardly hold a tune, have fun singing along to your favourite tune and create a night you will never forget.

Mariah, Whitney, the Beatles? They all have talent, but they’re nothing compared to you!

Walk in a winter wonderland

A romantic stroll on a chilly night is the perfect way to end the night. Take a trip to your nearest big city and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenery and more importantly, mulled wine!

10. Dance off

Have two left feet? Don’t worry! Find a lounge or club with music that you both enjoy and spend the evening staring into each other eyes as you move to the beat.