When it comes to opinions on having sex during your period, the nation is divided. Some feeling completely comfortable with the situation and some feel completely uncomfortable. There are many questions and myths around the subject. For example is it safe to have sex during my period? Can I still get pregnant during my period and will I/my partner actually enjoy the experience?

Here are 5 key pieces of information about period sex that might help you feel more knowledgeable around the topic.

1. Horny or helpless

During a woman's period, hormone levels tend to fluctuate. Each woman's body and physiology is very different and therefore reacts very differently to these fluctuating levels in hormones. Some women will experience sickness, stomach cramps, mood swings, acne breakouts and swollen genitals or breasts. For these women, sex might be the last thing on their mind. Others, however, may feel exactly the opposite and the hormones could lead to heightened sensitivity to breasts and genital areas, making them feel sexy and aroused.

2. The best positions

If you and your partner have decided to give period sex a try, then there are certain positions which you may find more comfortable and less messy to experiment. Generally speaking, due to the laws of gravity, positions where the man is on top (missionary) or where you both are side-by-side (spooning) are more preferable than positions where the woman is on top. When it comes to sex from behind (doggy style), some women prefer not to have sex, as penetration is often deeper in this position and can be sometimes uncomfortable because of the increased sensitivity of genitals and lowering of the cervix during this time.

If you and your partner have decided to give period sex a try, then there are certain positions which you may find more comfortable and less messy to experiment with at first.

3. Extra lubrication

As well as the obvious fluid that is released during a period, women also often secrete further bodily fluids around this time too. These fluids can offer extra natural lubrication which can be beneficial during sex and can reduce the need for additional lubes to be used. If there becomes a point during sex where the amount of natural lubrication is getting too heavy, then why not take a break and encourage your partner to go and fetch some drinks or an intimate massager, whilst you go to tidy up and get ready for round two.

4. Protection is still essential

Despite many myths, the fact is that you can still get pregnant whilst on your period. The probabilities are lower than other times; however, they are still there. Sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days inside the woman and therefore if she ovulates an egg can still be fertilised. If you want to be protected then always use protection even during your period. Both partners are also at risk of transmitting and receiving STIs, including HIV and hepatitis. Therefore, no matter what time of the month it is, condoms are a protective way to help prevent the spreading of these infections during sex.

5. Keeping it tidy

One of the biggest things that puts couples off period sex is the thought of the potential mess that could entail. Therefore, it is helpful to prepare in advance to minimise accidents. No one wants stains on their white cotton bed sheets, so lay down some dark towels on top of the sheets if you plan to have sex on the bed. Also avoid having sex on the floor if you don't want stains spilling onto your light coloured carpets. Another good option is to have sex in the shower, which is not only the cleanest option, but can also offer an exciting change of scenery and give a chance to get hot and steamy in a different environment.