While many women may scoff at proposing to their partner, it's becoming more popular for women to take the leap. If you are looking to put a ring on it this leap year with your partner, show him you love him with these 6 fun and romantic proposal ideas.

1. Revisit your first date

Romance isn't only for girls; recreate your first date with your partner and use those feelings of love and excitement to spark your new life together. Not only will it bring you both back to an exciting time in your relationship, but it's a great memory to kick off your proposal.

2. Use his hobbies

The most important aspect of planning a successful proposal is factoring your partner's interest into your proposal. Tailoring your proposals to his personality and interests will make it more heartfelt for him and shows him much you care. Whether he enjoys playing a sport or repairing his car, get creative and plan a night he won't forget.

The most important aspect of planning a successful proposal is factoring your partner’s interest into your proposal.

3. Food for thought

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Give him a taste of what life will be like with you, by cooking up his favourite meal. Create a warm and fuzzy feeling with candles and romantic music and let him know how important your relationship means to you. 

4. Make a treasure hunt

Make your proposal fun by turning it into a treasure hunt. Leave clues in places that have some relevance to your relationship or his interests that he would be eager to find the prize at the end. When he finally comes to the end of your hunt, have your clue be the next proposal. What better treasure is there than spending your lives together?

5. Try something new

Your parter may not like a big public proposal but you can incorporate some activity he's always wanted to try or a place he's wanted to visit. Maybe he's always wanted to visit a new city or try a new sport; no mater what it is, do it together. At the end of the day, propose to him and tell him that you want to spend your life experiencing new things with him.

6. Keep it simple

You will be giving him the surprise of his life by being the one to propose, so don't worry about planning an elaborate night. Don't distract your partner with too much detail, the point is for you both too enjoy the moment. Even though where and how you propose can be an important factor; the reality is, whether you're sitting on the beach or at your favourite restaurant you are all your sweetie sees.