Have your children been getting in the way of spending quality time with your partner recently? Well if so, Mother's Day is the perfect day to remind her how much you care for her and appreciate how wonderful she is.

It's important that your kids are involved in the day, but once the daytime fun is over, why not send them over to granny's house for the night and treat your partner to a Mother's Day evening like never before.

Here are 8 top ways to treat her like a queen once you have got her alone.....

1. Create a sushi banquet

There are certain foods that are both delicious and have aphrodisiac benefits and sushi is one of them. Just remember Samantha from Sex and the City getting naked and covering her body in maki rolls whilst waiting for her man to get home from work. Well, you don't have to go this extreme, but why not put your sushi-making skills to the test and prepare a Japanese banquet for two. Not only will your partner be delighted by your efforts in the kitchen but hopefully the aphrodisiac qualities will benefit you both later in the bedroom too!

2. Give her a sensual body massage

After a busy day with the children, nothing might be appreciated more than a romantic, sensuous massage for your partner to ease her aching muscles and relax her mind. Make sure you are stocked up on stimulating massage gel and that you have created the perfect environment to perform the massage. Dim the lighting, put fresh sheets on the bed for her to lay on and surround the room with flickering candles. Ask her to strip off and treat her to an hour of indulgent massage all over her body. For tips on giving the perfect massage, check out our massage guide here.

3. Run the perfect bath

Offering a luxurious bath to your lover on Mother's Day is a simple but effective show of affection, which your partner will appreciate 100%, especially following the above sensual massage. Get the bath to a perfect warm temperature and add some luxurious scented bath oil to further enhance her senses. Sprinkle in some fresh white rose petals and light some candles around the bath. Put on some gentle meditation music and invite your partner into the bathroom. Don't disturb her for a good thirty minutes, and then enter back into the bathroom with a fresh, warm towel to dry her down.

4. Put on her favourite rom-com

A good way to every woman's heart is with a good romantic film, guaranteed to tap into her emotions and sure to generate some feel-good tears. Warm up her pyjamas, bring down the duvet from the bedroom and order in the pizza while she gets prepared. Now snuggle up next to her, press play, and your work for the night is done!

5. Whip up a chocolate sensation

Chocolate does to women what football does to most men....get's them seriously excited. So imagine how delighted your partner will be when you unveil the chocolate masterpiece that you have created especially for her. Don't worry, you don't have to be Gordon Ramsay to whip up something delicious. There are many easy-to-follow online tutorials that will guide you along the way. Just remember two key pieces of advice: Go heavy on the chocolate and if decoration isn't your strong point then dim the lights when you present it to your lover!

6. Go for a moonlight stroll

When the nights start to get lighter and slightly warmer, nothing is more romantic than taking your lover for a moonlight stroll hand in hand around your favourite places. Choose a route that is well-lit and familiar and use the time to chat over topics that are non-children and non-work related. Reminisce on some old stories and tell her how great it is to be alone with her at last. Stop into your local pub for a drink on the way home if you are feeling sociable, otherwise just head home to snuggle up on the sofa together.

7. Take her for a cocktail

Bring back memories from your first date with a trip to your favourite cocktail bar. Tell her to put on her favourite dress and heels and whisk her out for her favourite tipple. Pick somewhere with low lighting, minimal noise and a romantic vibe. Pick a secluded table for two and spend the evening telling her how beautiful she looks and how you can't wait to get her home to get her out of that dress!

8. Face the music and dance

After finishing up your romantic dinner or cocktail date, pick out your favourite track that brings back memories to you both and put it on the stereo to play out loud. Grab your partner around the waist and whisk her off her feet for a slow dance. Remember to whisper sweet nothings in her ear and finish off with a sensual kiss that will leave her wanting more, before leading her off hand-in-hand to the bedroom.

With our tips, this is bound to be the best Mother's Day ever!