Pregnancy is a time filled with many changes, both physical and emotional. If you’re having a normal pregnancy, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy sex, if that’s what you want to do. There’s going to be a range of physical and emotional changes that affect both desire for sex and the pleasure that you get from it.

Know your body, love your body

The better you know your body, the more pleasure it can give you. But while most men get intimately acquainted with themselves at an early age, a more academic study of the area can also prove useful. Get to know your penis and you'll be far more equipped to handle it.

The shaft

This is the main part of the penis, and swells when a guy gets turned on. Men may worry it's too short, thin or otherwise lacking but generally speaking, men are far more hung up on penis size than women are, and there are advantages to having a penis of any size.

The glans

Often referred to as the head of the penis, this is generally the most sensitive part. The coronal ridge (around the bottom of the glans) and frenulum ('string' that runs from the glans to the shaft) are often particularly sensitive and, as such, are great to focus on to give maximum pleasure, and best avoided if premature ejaculation is an issue.

The glans of the penis swells and darkens during arousal, as it fills with blood. Some men have a full glans of the penis(sometimes referred to as a mushroom head). This can make some condoms uncomfortable, but Durex has created condoms tailored to suit men's natural shape to get around this problem.

Get to know your penis and you'll be far more equipped to handle it.

The urethral meatus

This is the tube through which ejaculation shoots during orgasm. While some men get pleasure having it stimulated, others find it far too intense, so handle with care. Sliding anything down the urethral meatus is not advised as it can get stuck, and you don't want to end up in hospital.

The foreskin

Some men have their foreskin removed for religious or health. The foreskin helps protect the glans of the penis and also helps the penis self-lubricate. As such, if a guy's had his removed, you'll probably need to use a lot more lube during manual play.