If it's been a while since you've expressed appreciation to your partner, now is your chance. Date nights with your spouse are not just about creating romance but sharing memories that the two of you can enjoy. Rediscover each other all over again with these 10 date night ideas to make National Spouse Day special for the love of your life:

1. Meet for a blind date

Take intimacy with your partner to the next level by having a mysterious and romantic rendezvous date. Even though you already know your partner intimately, make the arrangements and leave a seductive note somewhere for them to find. The more mystery, the better! Throw out any and all expectations and live in the moment. Whether you're meeting at a bar or a fancy restaurant, try something new and re-enact the thrill of the chase.

2. Learn to dance

Have two left feet? Don't fret. Taking a dance class such as salsa or ballroom dancing is a great way to re-connect with your spouse. Not only is this is a great way to show off your new found skills, but it gets you close and intimate in a non sexual way. So put on your dancing shoes and get carried away.

3. Bike ride

Discover the great outdoors with an afternoon bike ride together. Whether you decide to explore your local area or a nearby countryside, enjoy the scenic routes and ambiance that biking has to offer. Go at a pace that works well for the both of you and take in the sights. For lunch, plan a romantic picnic at a nearby park and bring a bottle of wine, a cosy blanket and your favourite shareable snacks.

4. Get a drink

When was the last time you and your spouse went out for drinks alone? Map out a few great restaurants that serve your favourite cocktails and then try out your favourite ones together. A fun spontaneous night out not only re-kindles the passion but further allows your bond to grow.

5. Try something new

Always wanted to go scuba diving? Or maybe run off to a remote tropical island? Discovering something new with your spouse is a great way of creating intimacy while bringing added excitement to your relationship. Try learning a new skill together or plan a romantic vacation to a country you've always wanted to visit. For even more passion in the bedroom, why not venture into a new world of pleasure using sex toys - this is sure to spark excitement into your sex life.

6. Visit a museum

Tap into your spouse's creative side and spend time getting to know them even more by visiting your local museum. Share ideas, voice opinions and explore the galleries and exhibitions that are open in the evening. Looking for something to do afterwards? Consider scouting the local bars and restaurants to continue your night.

Tap into your spouse's creative side and spend time getting to know them even more by

Tap into your spouse's creative side and spend time getting to know them even more by visiting your local museum.

7. Have a laugh

When was the last time you had a good laugh together? Visiting a comedy show is a great way to share a laugh together. Not only is laughter for the soul. but it helps create a sense of intimacy and connection between you both.

8. Food tasting

If you and your spouse enjoy food, spice up your dinner date night by having a tasting tour. Prepare small plates of foods from different cuisines such as: Mexican, Italian or Thai and dive in. To spice things up, blindfold your spouse and making them guess what each bite is.

9. See a local band

Spend some quality time with your partner and enjoy the sounds of your local band. Maybe its their favourite band or yours; either way, have a few drinks, meet new people and dance the night way.

10. Visit the spa

For a relaxing time together, take a trip to your favourite spa. Get a couples massage or maybe matching facials, whatever you decide to do, this is a perfect way to bond with your partner while releasing stress.